Rating The People That Bring You The News

Ok,  so today I thought I’d do something different and rate the newscasters of the day.  These people will be in no particular order and they are my views, yours may differ, if so tell me:

Barbara Walters – A pioneer in the business, led the way for many women.  She was the first woman to do just about everything in journalism.  Even though she has interviewed world leaders she is a bit tabloid-esque for me, meaning she is better on the stories that are salacious than real news.

Diane Sawyer – I can’t stand her; for some reason she has always turned me off.  I don’t like her style, don’t like the way she interviews people.  She kind of comes across as insincere and above it all.

George Stephenapolous – I like him a lot, I really like the way he interviews people on the political show ‘this week’.  I think he has an excellent combination of asking tough questions without being an annoying bulldog.

David Gregory – I think he is terrible.  He does not ask provocative questions, he does not ask good follow up questions.  What he is doing as moderator of NBC’s marque program is a mystery.  His goal seems to be to make a headline, period.  Not inform the audience, get more information; just to get a headline.  He should be replaced.

Wolf Blitzer – Another one who is just not good.  He is always breathless, always self promoting other CNN shows, his blog; all to the point of distraction.  His interview skills are mediocre and his hyper style just makes me want to turn the channel.  And, how CNN gets away with ‘Breaking News’ ‘This Just In’ when its been online for hours is an embarrassment to CNN and their credibility.

Candy Crowley – Now I think she is one of the unsung heroes at CNN; I think she gives an excellent interview, asks tough questions and is really very good.  I think CNN should use her more than they do, she is a gem!

Brian Williams – I don’t really watch him too much so I don’t have all that much to say, but that voice is surreal.  Its like you are watching a parody of what newscasters are like, not a real person.

Katie Couric – I find her delightful, she is better at soft news than hard news but I think she has a nice relaxed style of interviewing people, she is at ease, she is humorous.  I hope her new show goes well, I like her.

Chris Matthews – Now he is a piece of work; he always interrupts people, gets excited and seems like a barking dog.  But, I enjoy his show, I enjoy the way he doesn’t let anyone off the hook, he makes people answer his questions and doesn’t let them get away with answering with talking points.  I just wish he wasn’t so obviously a democrat, by being so up front about that it brings his fairness credibility down a notch.

Chris Wallace – I think he gives an excellent interview.  He equally pushes Dems and Rs to answer his questions and not get away with avoiding them.  He asks good questions and in turn is good to watch.  His drawback is that he is clearly asking questions from the Republican standpoint and view his show as the balance to the left leaning media.  That says he is right leaning, which is not what we need, we need honest, unbiased news.

I am only giving my point of view of people I actually watch, so if some are missing it is probably because I don’t watch their shows.  Or I could have forgotten a few.  If you agree or disagree let me know.


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