Obama Is An Amateur Hillary Should Quit Now And Run For POTUS in 2012

Ok so this is a quote from the NY Post, which is unrepeatable, from a new book coming out by Edward Klein, who is also been known to fabricate a story or 2.  These quotes and more are in a new biography about President Obama coming out soon.  Not only did Bill say Barack was an amateur he said Hillary should quit now (last summer) and run against her boss in 2012.  Now this gossip is just too good to be true, but who doesn’t love reading it.  Would the Clinton’s have passed healthcare and not said a word about it?  Would they have averted us from a Great Depression and not had good messaging on this?  I think not.  Bill is one of the most gifted politicians in the world, but I think Hillary is right up there with him.  Obama has accomplished a lot but is unable to articulate it to the public.  The economy is not in good shape, its stagnant as Bill says.

Whether any of these quotes are true or not, they are all correct.  The economy sucks, the President seems like he has no control of anything and the Republicans have painted a picture of him as a socialist. Bill is right, Barack is an amateur at getting his message out there, trumpeting his successes.  But, the economy is not a success.  Not by a long shot. There are more long term unemployed people now than any other times besides the Great Depression.  Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman thinks we are in another Depression right now.  I think Hillary Clinton would have been a much better choice in 2008; she is a strong leaders and knows the ins and outs of Washington.  Having an ‘outsider’ as president isn’t really all that helpful since they don’t know how they system works.  Mitt Romeny is a complete fool, and a hollow shell; he flip flops on all major decisions, says he isn’t interested in the poor and is proposing tax cuts for the ultra wealthy?  Seriously?  We saw what happened in the 2000s with tax cuts; the worst job creation in decades.  The tax code should be redone, all deductions, except a few, should be abolished and the government will be able to pay down our long term debt.  Who can best accomplish all of this, now?  Hillary Clinton. Like I said I don’t know if the quotes from the book are accurate or made up, but it is Hillary who could right now pull things together and make things better.  She and her husband are anything but amateurs, they know how Washington works, they know how to get things done.  I hope the quotes are true and I think its time for Hillary.  Just like marriage equality, its time for a woman in the White House to fix the severely damaged economy, taught whats been done in the last 4 years.  She has my vote.


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