When Is It Going To Change — Lets Change It Ourselves @GinsburgJobs #LongtermUnemployment

Everywhere I look I see bad news for job seekers; whether its the monthly jobs report that says the number of unemployed people has not decreased in months; whether its this mornings WSJ article from economist predicting a year of tepid growth, not enough to create many jobs.  Yesterdays NYT had as extremely interesting and tragic opinion piece written by well respected economists called ‘The Human Disaster of Unemployment” that went into great detail about the young and old are the ones who suffer most, are least likely to be re-hired and called it ‘nothing short of a national emergency.’  The article also linked long term diseases, cancer, and life expectancy to being unemployed.  Here is the link if you want to read it http://nyti.ms/ITOoDJ .  Pew just put out a study that drew a devastating picture for the long term unemployed and their ability to get back into the workforce.  Its the first study that I have seen that actually found that older workers 45-54 and 55+ are having the hardest time and are the least likely to be rehired.  (If anyone wants this study I can email it to you).  Surprisingly, to me anyway, it also found that the more education you have the harder time you will have finding a job.  High school drop outs are less likely to be long term employed than college grads.  Now if you add into the equation the volatility in Europe, Greece no one has any good predictions the economy in the short or long term.  No one has any thoughts that the long term unemployed will find jobs.  Paul Krugman has labeled this time as the ‘The United States is in the 5th Year of a Depression.’

So, knowing all this, what to do?  Smile, keep your chin held high, keep trying, network; and keep doing that on and on.  I am extremely disappointed in Obama, he talks about ‘jobs’ but its not realistic talk, a highway restoration bill will not help 20 million people.  And Mitt Romney, not a word about how he would create jobs. Someone in a position of authority needs to address and tackle this ‘National Emergency’.  No one in the news media has looked into the subject of the long term unemployed?

Lets try to make a difference ourselves, be heard ourselves.  Anyone that wants to join me on twitter contact me at @GinsburgJobs and use the hashtag #LongtermUnemployed.  At the very least we could have a count of people that are in the same position and force the news media and politicians to address the issue.  Lets do it!


One thought on “When Is It Going To Change — Lets Change It Ourselves @GinsburgJobs #LongtermUnemployment

  1. Hi,

    I really shouldn’t say I enjoyed reading your article, when it paints such a sad picture. But, I do and I am experiencing the situation here in Sweden. I have myself been working for around 15 yrs. to change the attitude towards the older workforce. And like the US, neither the politicians or the media consider this news.

    Sweden has a weak age discrimination law, which was only passed because of pressure from the EU. EU put out a directive that all EU member countries must include age in their discrimination laws. Sweden asked for a dispensation to immediately make the changes in the law. It took Sweden 8 years after the directive was issued to in fact change the discrimination laws. But they only did the absolute minimum they could get away with. And this is a country that prides itself in it’s non-discrimination attitudes. This is certainly true when it comes to Gender discrimination, but not in other areas of discrimination like, age, race, religion, etc.

    The agency that is responsible for discrimination, has very little actual power to do anything, outside of Gender discrimination. The law passed for age discrimination, is full of exceptions and with one very big flaw. The law states that an employer can, at the age of 67, terminate an employee without cause! The employers here in Sweden have taken that exception and turned it into a mandatory cause for termination.

    Keep up the good work.

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