Helping Each Other, It Can Work!

Ok so now I usually write about job hunting, unemployment, the economy, prospects… since they all suck now lets talk about something else.  Anyone have any ideas?  Oh, right, this is my blog so I am responsible for writing on it and controlling the subject.  On the good news side my niece graduated from college on Saturday, with honors.  Thats great, she is such a wonderful person that I am thrilled she accomplished her goals.  Her brother, my nephew, is a full time writer for a newspaper in NC and has had many cover stories.  The 2 of them are remarkable in their interest, caring and action they have for other people.  They have organized and gone to many protests, have tried to change things that are wrong; when they could have sat back and lived a life of luxury.  I am so proud of both of them I can’t tell you.  My nephew has worked with under privileged people to make sure they can have a refrigerator  and other basic necessities. My niece has always been at the forefront of fighting for the underdog like gay marriage.  Its nice to see that people who ‘don’t have to’ still try to make the world a better place for people without the advantages some in my family have had.

On another front of good and positive goings on this blog has been nicely successful.  It really blows my mind when I see people from Pakistan, Egypt, Russian, Korea reading my words.  I hope what they get from my words is that we should all live together in respect and peace.  Everyone should be treated the way you yourself want to be treated.  Yes, that means gays, people who don’t believe in God, people who have different faiths.  Everyone should have a common cause of helping their neighbor.  However they can.  I myself am unemployed and looking for a job, we went to a restaurant recently and one of the busboys was talking about a financial career he wanted to launch.  I asked him to send me his resume since I have many contacts in that  field and hopefully that will help him.  Thats my point today, look to help the people around you; see what you can do to introduce them to the right people, help them find a job.  This horrible economic mess we are in can be helped on a local level.  See what you can do for people in your lives, see if you can help.  I am not a religious person in the least, but I believe whole heartedly in helping those around you.  I hope everyone who reads this today thinks about some how, some way they can help their fellow citizens.  We all have things in our lives we are grateful for, lets try to make someone else’s life better.  I know we can do it, so lets try!


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