The Weakness of Mitt Romney

Two recent incidents have happened that show Mitt Romney’s lack of backbone in being able to stand up to people. If he doesn’t have the balls to stand up to Donald Trump how would he be able to stand up to any world leaders.  Lets start with the events that showed Romney’s cowardice, 1. When Romney was asked to comment on Rush Limbaugh calling the college student a ‘slut’ Romney answered ‘I would have used different language’ 2. When Donald Trump recently brought up, yet again, the birther issue, Romney stood quietly next to him smiling.

These are not the actions of a strong leader; who could have immediately made a statement about his disapproval of these statements.  Instead he stood by quietly like a wimp.  To me this is made even more powerful by his flip flopping over the years; telling a liberal state like Massachusetts that he would be friendlier to gays than Ted Kennedy, to switching to an ultra conservative message to the far right of the party. This is not a leader.  This is not someone we should have confidence in. This is not someone we can expect to represent us on the worlds stage. This isn’t even someone who can stand up to his own party to let them know ‘compromise’ is not a dirty word. Adding weak leadership skills to, wanting to appease everyone and not having any core principals does not paint a pretty picture.  Its time to realize he would be a disaster for our country.

While campaigning in 2008 a woman stood up and said to John McCain that Barack Obama was a Muslim and not a citizen of the U.S.  John McCain took that moment to tell the entire audience (in person and televised) ‘no ma’am, Barack Obama is a citizen and a patriot.’ Romney is not the man John McCain is.

I want more from Barack Obama too; what will you do in your second term? What are your plans for the country?  Can you and your team ask some of the questions in my last post? What would have happened without TAARP, Stimulus, Auto bailout. Articulate your successes, you are doing a horrible job at it.  Incidentally, the AIG loan from TAARP was completely paid back and the government made a $13B profit on it.


One thought on “The Weakness of Mitt Romney

  1. Good post. Anyone who gets on a stage with Donald Trump is a joke, he’s one DNA strand away from being Snookie. On another note, I am so sick of hearing about Romney’s CEO credibility, America does not need a CEO. CEOs get to make a final decision and while affected by internal politics, it is nothing like the level of compromise required when you are POTUS. Putting a classic corporate CEO in the White House is closer to a dictatorship than a democracy.

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