Jobs, The Economy In Crisis — Politics, Government and Republicans To Blame

Today the May jobs report came out and it was a major disappointment.  69,000 were created, which is about half what was predicted and the unemployment rate went up to 8.2%.  There are still 12.7 million people unemployed with 42.8% being long term unemployed.  The number of unemployed people again was not lowered. The number of longterm unemployed is at crisis level. The numbers today have signaled a global slowdown and the markets were sharply lower. These numbers are bad enough that Mitt Romney has a good chance of beating Obama this fall.  That would be a disaster.

So, whats an unemployed person to do? ‘Keep plugging away’ Is it worth it?  Are there jobs out there?  Are we about to experience something much worse than what we have been through? Its impossible to know. But its also difficult to keep hope alive when each month is worse than the last one. Is this Obama’s fault, is he handling the economy incorrectly? Are the Republicans to blame for not allowing more stimulus to be put in the economy? Both parties blame each other, meanwhile its the American people who don’t have jobs, don’t have benefits and are losing hope. The front page of every news website is blaring the news of the disastrous report, how Obama will lose. That doesn’t help build anyones confidence. I think the problem lies completely with the Government, namely the Republicans. They have blocked everything Obama has wanted to do so they can get back in power. They have no regard for the citizens of this country they just want to regain power. Our democracy is broken, from the filibuster to the Tea Party not being willing to compromise, the speaker of the house again talking about having the country default on its debts by not raising the debt ceiling. At a moment of such a crisis its going to be politics as usual. Romney is already blasting Obama for this jobs report. Why not come together immediately and see what can be done. Why wait until November, why not act now. Playing politics with peoples lives is why the American public is so disgusted with Washington and everyone in it.

My advice? Get everyone back to Washington with a mission of fixing this crisis. Politics should be stopped and ideas should be exchanged. If something like this was to happen people would start to respect Government again. Otherwise this is just adding to the belief that the American Empire will soon enough be a thing of the past.


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