Obama Gets an F in Messaging and it Might Cost him the Election

Bill Clinton has been in the spotlight the last few weeks, first being dissed for saying Romney has a ‘sterling’ business record, now he is out campaigning with Obama. This morning I read in the Washington Post that Bill Clinton thinks all tax cuts should be kept in place temporarily. Bill also makes clear positive statements about the successes of the Obama administration. Hearing all of this makes me wish we could have Bill back for another term or 2. Bill is such a gifted politician, he is so good at articulating a message and he has the leadership to come out and say extend the tax cuts, the economy isn’t strong enough for tax increases on anyone. Since we can’t have Bill back all of this has me pretty pissed off about Obama and his team. Before I start let me make very clear, Mitt Romney would be a horrible president and I in no way endorse him. Back to Obama; I do think he has had many successes, but he seems unable to get his message out. As I have said many times on here I think his team is horrible at messaging, they have no enthusiasm, they pick stupid things to argue about and should all be let go. Barack is like a professor, I believe he is making all of the correct decisions regarding the military, the economy, the war on terror. I can’t think of one thing I have disagreed with him on. But I don’t see him as a leader, I don’t see him getting his message to the people. I don’t see him trying to boost the American public’s mood and trust.  So, he is the professor who is good behind the scenes but his lack of articulation is disturbing and could very well cost him the election.

A friend on twitter recommended Obama hire James Carville; that would be excellent! Carville is animated, positive, articulate.  He would be a fantastic voice for the campaign. Btw, I love his wife, Mary Matlin the Republican strategist, she always has a good answer no matter what question is thrown at her, she never misses a beat. I don’t agree with her but respect her talent. So far the Republicans have painted a picture of a failing economy and blamed it completely on Obama, and Obama is letting him do it. The American people hear the message, economy sucks fire Obama. But its not quite that simple. Obama has some jobs bills that would create about 2 million jobs; if the Republicans would approve the bills more people would be working now. Romney’s campaign manager was on Fox News Sunday last week and Chris Wallace asked him no fewer than 3 times if Romney would urge the Republicans in Congress to pass the bills to get 2 million people back to work. Each and every time he dodged the questions. The Republicans in congress  blocking jobs bills are more responsible for the lackluster recovery than Obama is. Not to mention the fiasco with the debt ceiling; this political stunt by the Republicans caused the economy to slow down, jobs were lost and the credit rating of the country was down graded for the first time in our history. From day one the Republicans decided to block each and everything Obama did. I personally think that his race had something to do with it, but I have no proof.

So, here we are, the Republicans in Congress have blocked all measures to make the economy better; they blame the mess on Obama and its working. What to do is the question? Bill Clinton is the best surrogate for Obama but he can’t be everywhere and the only voice coming out of the campaign. Obama and Biden need to stop talking about piddly measures like raising taxes for people that earn over $1m per year; that won’t raise much money and it does have a ring of class war fare. The entire tax code should be changed, and yes, the more you earn the higher your tax bracket should be.  The Obama team should be on Red Alert now; they need to get enthusiastic articulate people to go out and talk about the successes he has accomplished; creating 4m new jobs, saving the auto industry, etc. And these people need to talk about how we would be doing much better if the Republicans didn’t block everything.  The message needs to come from vibrant and enthusiastic people, not dull talking professors.   I wish Obama read my blog!  If anyone knows him have him read it!


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