Al Qaeda #2 Killed and Obama is Silent? This is Why He is in Danger of Losing

If you read my last post about Obama losing the messaging war I have a perfect illustration of what he is doing wrong. Yesterday it was announced that the United States killed the #2 person in al Qaeda; I heard terrorism experts say that the al Qaeda that from Afghanistan and Pakistan are all but ‘Out of Business’ and unable to make any serious threats to the US. If this had happened under George Bush he would have had a statement to the nation from the Oval Office announcing this excellent news. I agree, Obama should have done that yesterday. Al Qaeda is still a major threat to this country and alerting us that their #2 (and tons others) was killed deserves an address from the Oval Office. Instead the news was just all over the web and cable tv trickling out.

This was a major accomplishment and should be treated as such. The threat seems to be coming from Yemen now, but if it is true that the core group that attacked us is on its last legs thats big news. Instead John McCain accused Obama of leaking classified intelligence to further Obama’s political standing. So, instead of Obama leading the military and the country in a great success he is on the defensive with a ludicrous claim from John McCain. Obama needs to communicate with the American people more, from the Oval Office, not just defending himself at some high school in Ohio. Mitt Romney has zero charisma and I think would make a horrible president. But the Republican party is painting a picture of Obama as weak and totally responsible for this economy; Mitt won’t win, Barack could lose.

You might think the killing yesterday and the terrorist threat aren’t on peoples minds, that its just the economy. It is the economy. But we are still at serious risk and when there is a major victory Obama should have told the nation, praised the military and told people in addition to the economy his top priority is keeping the US homeland safe. A missed opportunity that speaks volumes.

*the pic is taken from the 80th floor of the Empire State Building and shows 1 World Trade Center Tower begin built in the background.


One thought on “Al Qaeda #2 Killed and Obama is Silent? This is Why He is in Danger of Losing

  1. Good post! You are so right. Obama should be reminding the US that we are winning the war on terror under his administration. Bush ran on War on Terror and fear mongering in 2004! What is wrong with Obama and his team. Address the nation. Regularly. And let’s not forget that terror affects the economy. That was one of the reasons al Quaeda targeted WTC. I almost want Obama out because he is so disconnected but the alternative is impossible…

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