Al Qaeda and Osama’s Real Goal for the United States

When the attacks on Sept 11 happened I felt such shock and surprise. I had not idea a bunch of rag tag degenerates could bring down the iconic buildings in my home, Manhattan. At the time, and now probably still, most people think the goal of al Qaeda was to kill Americans and to make us scared of every day life. Osama bin Laden also had another goal; it wasn’t covered much by the media but it was a goal he believed in strongly. It was to bankrupt the United States of America. He wanted us to have no financial clout or financial ability. He was able to get an inexperienced President to go in to two different wars that were both unpaid for.  These wars, over the years to come, will cost trillions of dollars. The expenses are not just the war itself, they also include the aftermath; where healthcare must be provided to the brave men and women who fought in these wars. They are coming home with monumental amounts of needs; from PTSB to unemployment, to amputations. The Government that sent them to war must provide for them when they come home. The military has suffered greatly and the cost of that in the future will be tremendous. The job they have done has been outstanding, and since there is no draft we should all be grateful for them.

Back to Osama’s goal of bankrupting the US, he did a pretty good job of it. The costs of the wars, the costs of the military people will add trillions to our debt. But also, for the future, we have a Military Defense Complex that is growing and growing. The budget for the pentagon has skyrocketed.  Are we letting Osama’s goal happen? This is a subject we need to pay close attention to. Obama’s use of military drones, instead of hundreds of thousands of boots on the ground, has been a fantastic success. Obama has fought the war on terror much more shrewdly than Bush did. We need to make sure this continues. We want complete security for our homeland, but we can do it in a better way, as we have seen with Obama.

Our National debt is extremely important, and needs to be dealt with. Right now our economy is too weak to implement spending cuts or tax hikes. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a 10 year plan; the economy has to grow first then the debt reduction needs to kick in. We need to change our tax code so extremely wealthy people don’t get tax write offs for their second homes. If you earn more you should pay more, period. The economy might be too fragile now to raise any taxes, as Bill Clinton said, then didn’t say; but we need stimulus now to grow the economy, then a change in the tax code and tax exemptions so we bring in more revenue to lower the debt. Spending cuts will be included, but we have to think big picture.

Osama bin Laden wanted to do more than just bring down the iconic Twin Towers and to terrorize Americans; he wanted to bankrupt and destroy our Country. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen. Take off your label of Dem, Rep, Moderate, Conservative and lets work out a plan so this Country remains the Super Power that it is.


9 thoughts on “Al Qaeda and Osama’s Real Goal for the United States

  1. Was it a rumor that President Bush new about the attack? From my understanding, the world is a big chess board and the World Leaders are playing a lifelong game of chess, is the United States playing to win anymore?

    1. There have been conspiracy theories about the US Government and Bush knowing about the attacks before they happened. Jessie Ventura writes extensively about it in one of his books. I for one do not believe any US officials knew about the upcoming attacks; I think Bush and Cheney would have invaded Iraq even without 9/11; there is a lot of back history with the elder Bush not wanting to go into Baghdad and the younger wanting to finish the job. Not sure thats the case, but as much of a non-fan I was of W. I don’t think he was aware of anything before hand.

      1. Appreciate your response. I am a novice in this area but I visit Alan Watt’s website, Cutting through the Matrix and recently read The Mainspring of Human Progress by Henry Grady Weaver and I find the data enlightening so to speak. The latest issues of Time Mag and Life Mag seem to be giving the world a crash course on history and I believe we must look back in order to move forward with power(knowledge), something I have lacked all my life. I don’t want to enter in the “New World” without knowing what is going on. Theories and rumors .org from lies. But I lie is simply half of the truth. Even if U.S officials knew anything, they did the footwork to be in the positions they are in and who can we peasants and commoners blame for not paying attention to what is going around us. We need to wake up and stop hitting the snooze button!

      2. I will check out those websites you mentioned, I totally agree we should know the history before moving on. It used to make me angry when cable news would say that most people couldn’t find Iraq on a map; I kept thinking to myself, then why don’t you show where it is on the map compared to the US? Also it never seems to get mentioned that in 1952 Iran had a democratically elected President and the US CIA assassinated him and installed the Shah of Iran. If Iran hates us we should know why. Most of the news media is too lazy to have solid reporting that goes back 50 or 100 years. You are also correct about waking up and paying attention to whats going on around us.

  2. I think the problem immediately following 9/11 was media coverage. We were too focused on what happened, when, where and how, that we forgot to address why, which allowed Bush to conveniently answer the question (terrorism) and get America on board for a war – also to pass the Patriot Act. Crises make it easier for people in power to get what they want out of the masses.

    1. Interesting, thanks for commenting. I remember right after the events there was a lot of pointing fingers at Bush and Clinton since bin Laden had declared war on us in the mid 90s and we didn’t take him all that seriously. The USS Cole attack was brought up and the bombings of the embassies. Although Clinton had bin Laden on the top of the kill list and warned the Bush administration the biggest threat we faced was terrorism. In Condi Rice’s book she subtly disputes that. Anyway, I think Bush/Cheney would have gone into Iraq with or without 9/11.

      1. I’m gathering as long as there is threat and fear polluting the ozone layer, their agendas will come to pass! Respect your opinions, that’s really all we got left cause votes don’t matter anymore….. and this reply is to all in the conversation.

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