Mitt Romney Would Be A Disaster as POTUS

Ok, the last few posts I have been coming down hard on Obama because I don’t think he is doing a good job in telling his success stories, I think he needs new messaging, new PR a new team. The point of my pointing all of this out is because I want him to win a second term. Now its time for my comments on Mitt Romney. To start with, and maybe this isn’t fair, but he seems so stiff and uncomfortable it makes me feel uncomfortable myself just watching him. He is so robotic, every statement he makes seems either a gaffe or a well rehearsed line. We are supposed to consider Mr. Romney as a presidential candidate because of his sterling business career, and this career would help America prosper. Well, lots of things comes to mind. First, he did have an excellent career, he did very well for himself, his company and their investors. He was a venture capitalist who tried to make companies more profitable, mainly by firing workers; he had the companies pay his company staggering consulting fees and then many of the companies went into bankruptcy or liquidation and Mitt made a huge profit. Thats the way venture capitalism works, there is nothing wrong with that, and he should probably be commended for doing such a good job. He grew up probably upper middle class, through his efforts he is now 1% of the 1%.  Thats commendable.  There were also successes, Staples as we have all heard wouldn’t be around if Mitt hadn’t invested in it. Thats a good thing, many Americans have jobs at Staples, many Americans shop at Staples. None of this has to do with running a country or creating jobs; none of this in my mind makes him qualified to be the president.

When I think of Mitt Romney I think of someone with no backbone and with no inner conviction. I see more a man who changes with the political tides and will do or say whatever it takes to win popularity. How can a grown man say in 1994 that he will be more friendly to gay rights than Teddy Kennedy? He wasn’t a kid when he said this he was probably in his late 40s or early 50s. Sorry, you can’t then later say you are against gay marriage because you know the base of the party is against it. The lack of comment by Romney when Rush called the young college student a slut reinforced my belief that he has no backbone, and he can’t stand up and say this young woman has nothing to do with the argument in Washington and no one should talk about her that way. If he can’t stand up to Rush how is he going to stand up to other world powers? I don’t see Romney standing for anything, I haven’t heard anything about what he would do to fix the economy, except he is not ‘interested in the poor.’ The unemployed are the poor and there are 25 million of us. And their is no safety net. I see Mitt Romney as lying low, the Republican party is painting Obama as responsible for the state of the economy and also as the anti-christ.  Romney’s messaging? Just to beat up on Obama. Romney’s record in Government? 47th out of 50 in job creation.

A Romney presidency would be, in my opinion, a fiasco. Red Alert though, Obama needs to come back hard with the many accomplishments he has had, and he has had many. But he is in serious jeopardy of losing this election if he doesn’t get working on it. James Carville should be hired ASAP. As I have said, I don’t see any way a candidate as weak and disliked as Romney could win, but the way the Republicans are painting Obama he could def lose.


7 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Would Be A Disaster as POTUS

  1. What an idiotic post. Everything Obama says is a lie. Everything from his fake unemployment numbers which btw even the cooked numbers are above 8% to his campain promises to his energy policy lies. Tell me what exactly qualifies Obama who has presided over the first downgrade of our credit rating in American history? He promised to cut the deficit in half which he has since more then doubled! 5 trillion in new debt over a 3 yr period! Your a fucking jack ass!

  2. Wow, seems you need a bit of an education Matt. First off the unemployment numbers are not fake, they come from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the same place they have always come from. If you did some research you would know the Obama team never said the unemployment numbers would be lower than 8%; that 8% figure comes from an internal document that was done for Obama before he became president. Also, it wasn’t known until months later that GDP was falling at 9%. The credit down grade? That was entirely brought on by the Tea Party Republicans; not only was there a down grade, their actions caused the economy to slow and jobs to be lost. The debt is growing and needs to be addressed, however much of what was spent was cleaning up George Bush’s mess.

    If you want to converse on my blog get your facts straight, and also use appropriate language otherwise it makes you look even more ignorant.

  3. Jeez, potty-mouth Matt is all angry and all simple-minded, too: “Everything Obama says is a lie.” Wow, like if Obama ate English Muffins for breakfast and Michelle asked him what he ate, would he say “beef jerky?” And wasn’t Obama born in France, too, or was that the Coneheads? And he should use spellcheck for big words like “campaign” and “you’re.”

  4. Wonderful essay, Andrew. Sounds like we’ve been conversing. But I am of the mind that Romney only win via deceit, Diebold machines, Robo-Calls, poll blockers and challengers, and let’s not forget hiding rather than counting the absentee and provisional ballots. There is not a large enough population in Romney’s camp to win when you consider the disaffected women, Blacks, Latinos, LGBT community, Independents The GOP and Romney have both set themselves too far to the Right with all of its attendant baggage.

    1. It does seem like we have been conversing! You make some excellent points. Thanks for reading and commenting. Let me know what you think of my other posts when you get a chance. Thanks!

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