A Few Random Thoughts

1. I am not pleased with the release of the new MacBooks; the only one they are talking about is the 15.4″ Retinal Display model; are all of the rest inferior?  I want something new, closer to the size of an iPad, so the 11″ Air would be good; but its ignored as are all of the rest of the MacBooks. Big mistake Apple, some people don’t want a computer that large and some don’t have $2,200.  Also, where in the new iMac?

2. I think the only reason Mitt Romney wants to be president is to outdo his father. His father was a very successful businessman; Mitt blew him away with success. Mitts father ran for president in 1968 but dropped out of the race. I think Mitt wants to do what his father couldn’t. Sound familiar? We don’t need to live the W. year over again. Think about it. If you had roughly $200m who wants a 24/7 job like the presidency; kick back and enjoy. Mitt you will lose.

3. I can’t wait to watch the new Dallas, its on DVR and we will watch it after dinner.

4. Ann Romney should be able to wear what ever blouse she wants to wear, at any price. She should be who she is and do what she wants.

5. We are currently in a Depression, thats why its taking so long to get back to normal.

6. Its cocktail hour in NYC, everyone join in!


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