Fantasy Politics

I am not a sports fan so I don’t know what Fantasy Football or any of the other Fantasy Sports games are all about but I want to talk about Fantasy Politics, i.e. if politicians correctly did their jobs. Before I start I just have to comment on the situation around the world, Greece, Spain, the Euro Zone, Syria, Russia, Egypt – it seems like we are on some kind of precipice where they world is raving out of control both financially and human rights wise. Its scary to look at whats going on; I keep tweeting about WWIII but is that where this is headed?  Anyway back to the politics of the United States. First, and I have said this before, I don’t think our country is all that divided. I think most people want the same things for themselves, their families and their freedom. At the core I believe that 80% of the American public wants 80% of the same things.

If this is true why are politicians at each others throats, the media screaming about the worst divide in American history and groups like the Tea Party screaming bloody murder. Well, 2 reasons for that: 1. The self centered greed of our elected officials – they have to make a big deal about how different (and better) they are  from their opponent otherwise how would they get elected or reelected. The second is the media; they tend to be lazy and go for the topic of the day and both sides blow the smallest of things out of proportion. I think the public hears these vicious attacks from campaigns, then its reinforced by the media, and before you know it you have 2 sides hating each other and refusing to work together. My assessment is a bit different; I would like a news outlet to impartially go over all of the issues we are face with today. No spin, just the issues. I think you would find that same 80% of the people wanting the same things. Healthcare is a good example; the Republicans have demonized Obama’s plan to the point of no return; Obama and his team never talk about it. So how is the public to know whats in it, to make a decision if they like or don’t like it. I would have this news outlet go over all of the options individually to see what people want. Buying across state lines? Sounds good to me. Preexisting conditions? Sounds good. I surely think a group of grownups, who have their own healthcare paid for, should be able to come up with a plan that takes the best of what both sides want and deals with cost savings and lets every American be able to afford healthcare. In other words, stop playing politics and fix the issue; people are dying and suffering as politicians do nothing.

So the point is everyone wants some kind of healthcare; we needs grown up professionals to come up with a plan. Now the debt is a big issue that people talk about. The debt definitely needs to be addressed and again have grown up professionals come up with a plan. Most economists agree that the economy has to be on stronger footing before any debt reduction can take place and that right now more stimulus is needed to get the sluggish economy moving again. Once the economy picks up, immediately more revenue comes in to the government and thats the time the debt reduction should kick in. But make the plan now, exactly what we will do. This really should be coming from Obama and his not doing this makes him look like less of a leader.

I am reading a book now called The Presidents Club; its an interesting book that goes into detail about how presidents contact their predecessors for advice. Ike made an edict to the Republican party to not use any foreign policy against President Johnson; that the United States should stand united behind the president on all foreign affairs, wars, diplomacy. Whats happened to that attitude. The campaigns are out of control; I would suggest sweeping changes of everyone being in constant election mode; because whats happening in the end is politicians are looking at short-term solutions rather than trying to plan the next 50 years. I’d also get rid of the electoral college; I’d have the Senate filled with representatives proportionately; bigger states should have more reps. I’d think about having the presidential term 6 years so presidents can get more done; I’d make the house 4 years not 2.

One last ‘fantasy’ is to have everyone vote; everyone. I’d like to accomplish this through technology. I’d like for their to be a way that people can vote on their iPhones, Androids, computers, computers in public libraries. If every single American voted we might see very different results. We need to make it easier for people to vote, not harder. Someone should have a vision for out country in 2050, 2075. That is not being done, not at all!


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