Total Make Over Needed: How We Find Jobs, Hire and Keep Employees — HR is Broken

As a job seeker I often wonder about the way people get hired and how ineffective it really is. Basically there are 3 main ways people find jobs: 1. digitally, job board or social media 2. executive recruiters 3. networking (or connections). Is this really the best way for companies to find the best talent and for job seekers to find a job they will prosper in? I don’t think so. There are so many ways things can go wrong that the current way we are doing things I find ineffective. Take for example job boards, companies are inundated with resumes so they use software to filter out people who they don’t think are a good match. This software is often times erroneous and leaves they best talent in a dark hole somewhere. I have heard 3% of people get hired from job board postings, thats not a good use of anyones time. Executive recruiters are another way people find jobs; now some of them are excellent at what they do and help both candidates and companies. I have found for the most part the rest of them act more like hustlers. The first thing they want to do is meet in person, like they have a quota or something; next they tell you what jobs they have and if you are a perfect fit you never hear from them again. I had one e/r ask me to fill out a 25 page form before going on an interview. Needless to say, I haven’t had great experiences with them. Networking is all the buzz, thats the way everyone says you find a job. Talk to people, ask them if they know anyone. This also isn’t a particularly effective way of getting a job since sometimes you can talk to everyone in your network and still get no where.

So, you are left with candidates; some of them longterm unemployed and desperate, spinning their wheels trying to find a job, any job. You have companies also spinning their wheels trying to go through the enormous influx of resumes.  All of this wasted time and little gets accomplished. Many hires don’t end up being a good fit and leave their companies shortly after being hired. Many people who aren’t good fits become dead weight and companies aren’t able to get rid of them. All of this sounds like a mess, sometimes big enough to bring a company down.

What to do about this? I would like to change it all. From the way candidates apply for jobs; to the way recruiters treat candidates; to create a method to judge if longterm employees are still a good fit. At my last job one of the VPs who was in charge of our group was so negative she brought the entire staff down and killed morale. Sometimes its the VPs who are blaming the underlings for their actual failings. When you work at a sales job and company politics are more important than revenue generation you know you have a big problem.

I will be rolling out my fix for a cradle to grave approach to help both companies, employees, and job seekers. This plan will take a different approach to everything, I want to revolutionize the way we do things, because I don’t see that they are working well now. This will be a win/win happier employees are more productive, do better work which is what companies want. Stay tuned, if you have any ideas feel free to share. And this will require lots of VC financing.


4 thoughts on “Total Make Over Needed: How We Find Jobs, Hire and Keep Employees — HR is Broken

  1. This is a different topic, but I also see the majority of people getting jobs are neither long nor short term unemployed, but people already working! That speaks to some kind of discrimination to me: “Oh, he/she is willing to leave their current job so they must be better than someone who is not working.”

    1. Excellent point, there is definitely discrimination against the unemployed, some job listings even say it right in their ads, no unemployed people should apply. This should be illegal.

  2. I too am unemployed for the 5th time in 8 yrs due to lay offs only my last position was working for some very high up’s who laid me off because of politics. Long story short, my bosses boss hated his assistant so in order to get rid of her, he made my boss hire her and get rid of me for no reason. My boss loved my work and I was praised consistantly. There is no loyalty, no morals any longer in the workplace. I was working 70 hours a week with NO OT pay and this is what happened to me. Now I am having a hard time finding work. How are employees protected from the nuts that employ them these days when your working in an “at will” workplace? Its disgusting and unfair. This society is falling apart and something needs to be done to save it.

    1. Sorry to take so long to respond, wow, 5 times thats a lot to deal with. Funny, they say the job market in NYC is really good, you and I are too examples of how that isn’t true. You are right, there should be some kind of protection, but even unions don’t help, I was in one when I got let go, or scapegoated for business slowing down. Good luck, keep me posted if you find something. Everyone who lives in Brooklyn is cool btw! 🙂

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