Where Are The Reagan Republicans *** Means Testing?

Where are the Reagan Republicans? What happened to his philosophies of getting things done, compromising, raising taxes, having people pay their fair share and most importantly not demonizing his opponents but sitting down and working out solutions.  Wasn’t it Reagan who said; if we can agree on 80% we can get things done? I think Reagan would be horrified if he saw what has happened to his party. They use his name like he is some sort of a saint, but they don’t follow his examples. He worked with the Democratic Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill, they accomplished a tremendous amount of good for this Country. From securing Social Security for another generation, to creating 16m jobs. I believe Reagan wanted the best for this Country; I believe today’s Republican’s are on the verge of treason by their stonewalling and blocking everything Obama wants to do to improve the economy, just for their own political gain. To me thats despicable and should be better known to the public. Everyone blames Obama for the economic situation, but all of his efforts have been blocked; the GOP should take the blame that is there’s. Reagan never would have approved of this.

For most of my life I have considered myself an Independent with Democratic leanings. But what has happened over the last decade has been breathtaking. I have received many hateful comments on twitter, which I completely don’t understand. If you don’t agree with what I am saying, tell me why and have a reason. A thought out well researched reason, not ‘Obama has ruined the economy.’ I enjoy hearing intelligent points of view that differ from mine. I don’t claim to be right all the time. But the hostile diatribes people go on are really pathetic.

Anyway, its my belief that if Reagan was alive and well he would be ashamed of what has happened to his party.


I have heard some, mostly GOP, suggest that as we revise our entitlement spending, to lower the Country’s debt, that ‘means testing’ should be instituted for Social Security and Medicare. My question is, how would that work? If you have amassed a certain amount of money you won’t be eligible for these entitlements? What amount would that be, $1m, $5m. $100 m? This sounds good on the surface, but if you look into deeper I think its a completely flawed way of cutting spending. First off, when exactly would you do this means testing, at retirement age? So by the time I get to retirement age I am assuming any kind of benefits would be starting at age 70. So, if at 70 years old I have saved $1m I could be ineligible for Social Security and Medicare. Say next year the market takes a dive and my worth is now $600,000 would I then be able to collect the benefits, or will I have already been stated as too rich. In my generation, I am 48, people don’t have pensions to rely on they just have what they have saved so those Social Security checks might be crucial, especially since I read recently that 80% of the households in the US don’t have $10,000 in savings. Another point about means testing is that wealthy people know how to create trusts, hide their money and make it look like they have far less than they actually do. So, means testing doesn’t work for me. Instead our tax system should be overhauled, get rid of almost every deduction; except the mortgage deduction (on first homes only) and charity. Tax rates could be lowered but they must be done in the tiered way they always have been, the more you earn the more you pay. Period. Once the economy is on better footing I believe everyones taxes should go up; except the possibility of households earning under $50,000. The purpose of changing the tax code would be two fold, one, to bring in more revenue to pay down the debt; secondly to simplify it.



One thought on “Where Are The Reagan Republicans *** Means Testing?

  1. Most people are so unwilling to dedicate the time it takes for complex thoughts that they simply adopt their opinions from someone they \”trust\” and gladly let that person do the thinking for them then just parrot what they heard from their \”source.\” It\’s usually a media person, celebrity, politician, etc. who has his or her own agenda. People should get off Facebook and stop watching the Kardashians for 15 minutes and consider reading, thinking and forming an opinion of their very own. Not gonna happen. On another note, it forever amazes me that people most in need of support are most against the people that offer them relief. It\’s as if they would rather hold onto a dream that they are going to win the lottery than face the very real, looming future of no education, no health insurance, no job and a mountain of debt.

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