Social Media Identity Theft ** Condi **Romney’s Posh Weekend ** Healthcare

Some thoughts on this Tuesday, which happens to be a beautiful day in NYC. Nice enough to have the windows open!

1. I have read a few articles recently and thought I’d pass on what I have learned. The article talked about how criminals can try to steal your identity via social media; they advised to make sure you don’t have too much information out there. Specifically not your exact birthdate, leave the year off; if you have your place of birth and hometown on Facebook you might want to reconsider that, maybe just have one not the other. They also cautioned against tweeting or posting when you are leaving your house, or going on vacation since this could alert people that no one will be at your house and someone could steal from it. You can’t hide everything but just don’t give out too much info.

2. Why is everyone talking about Condi with such praise? She was the National Security Advisor to President Bush, read the memo ‘bin Laden wanting to attack inside the U.S.’ and didn’t act on that information. Yes, it was a pre 9/11 mind set but security could have been beefed up, we could have been on higher alert; instead they viewed the memo as having no new information. I will never forget when she testified before Congress and they had to ask her many times over the name of that memo before she finally stated it. This memo, or I should say National Security Briefing, was August 6, 2001. Almost exactly one month to the date that we were attacked. To me Condi was a huge disappointment, she was over powered by Rumsfeld and Cheney on so many issues that she was basically completely neutered. Also, as Secretary of State I didn’t see her doing anything about Iraq, Afghanistan or making any kind of progress whatsoever. Everyone now blames Obama for the Iranian nuclear situation, everyone forgets that the Bush administration didn’t do much of anything for 8 years.

3. The Romney posh weekend retreat for donors that gave $50,000, couples that gave $75,000 and people who raised over $250,000 were all invited. Was this an effort to buy the President before he tries to win? This is really the epitome of ‘only the rich need apply’ kind of situation. Karl Rove was there even though he heads up a SuperPAC that doesn’t allow direct contact between the PAC and the candidate. This whole weekend to me is all about Romney and being bought by wealthy people. This is supposed to be a democracy.

4. Healthcare, this week the Supreme Court will decide the constitutionality of the “ObamaCare Bill.” If its struck down the GOP has no suggestions, solution, no plan. So we go back to the way it had been? The Obama plan is very similar to what Richard Nixon and the GOP of 1993 proposed. Instead of the GOP spending all of their time fighting to abolish the bill they would have been better off thinking of ways to improve it. As I have said I don’t think anyone knows whats really in the bill; but it has been criticized for not having enough cost savings in it. Ok, maybe not, so add some. Use whats there as a frame work and build from there. How about putting the American people before political gain?


3 thoughts on “Social Media Identity Theft ** Condi **Romney’s Posh Weekend ** Healthcare

  1. Condi was a disappointment. On another note, I’ll never understand black, female republicans, it’s like Jews belonging to the Nazi party.

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