Come Together Right Now Over … ACA

I am sure everyone will want to add their 2 cents into the SCOTUS decision today, my take on it will probably be a bit different than others. First, I think this is a great victory for President Obama; lest we not forget one of the reasons behind this bill was to insure all Americans. Healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege it should be a right, especially in these sever economic times. The American people should thank President Obama for trying to offer affordable health care to our Country. Having the Supremes uphold the individual mandate and almost the entire law is a victory for us all, and a defeat for people who disagree.

If I were advising Obama I would tell him to call the Leaders of the House and Senate, majority and minority, to the White House immediately to work on ways to improve the bill. Now is Obama’s chance to publicly reach out to the Republicans, hear their ideas and try to make this bill as good as it can be. Obama would be taking the high road as well as hearing some Republican ideas which are good. It would also show the GOP as being obstructionists if they don’t come to the table. The point is to make the best plan for the American people; not score political points.

Since this is unlikely to happen I’d say to Obama to get himself and his people out there ASAP explaining this bill, they need to say more than the 2 talking points they are using. Explain it more, whats in it for me, whats in it for others. They need to be out  there saying why this is a victory for the American people. We don’t know enough about it yet to say why it is, at least I don’t. But, again, I would advise Obama today to reach out and ask for bipartisan support. Romney wouldn’t know what hit him, it would be a knockout punch for Romney. Instead I am sure this will define the campaign and there will just be bickering back and forth about the bill. Which is unacceptable for the public.

On a cynical note, the 5/4 decision with Roberts being the swing vote is a bit suspicious to me. I think his vote was more about his legacy than what he politically wanted to do. If they had shot down this bill the court would have forever damaged itself as a partisan right wing vehicle; Roberts would have gone down in history as the Chief Justice of a corrupt court. I am sure that had something to do with his vote. Today is a good day for America!


2 thoughts on “Come Together Right Now Over … ACA

  1. you may be right about Roberts – but i guess it still shows he cares more about the integrity of the court than he does about partisan politics. otherwise, he wouldn’t mind being remembered as a partisan chief justice. i’m no fan of his, but i’ll take his vote on this, regardless of his motivations! came to you thru twitter. TFF.

  2. Roberts may also have been thinking about the interstate commerce bill. . . but I think you are right about his legacy. . .he mentioned that in his confirmation hearings even. . .or he may, in his emphasis that this is a “tax” been thinking to damage the president as raising taxes. . .

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