Deny Congress Healthcare Until They Come Up with a Plan

So much political posturing has been going on since the SCOTUS announced its verdict; so much spin and misinformation, its enough to make your head spin! I’d like to propose that every member of Congress lose their healthcare until they come up with a plan for the Country. See how easy it would be for all of them, see how expensive it would be, in other words see what a lot of the public is going through. I seriously would like to see this happen; if anyone reading this knows of a way to start a petition or some way to get this message to Congress with a few hundred thousand signatures, please let me know.

In the meantime, I was watching ‘this week’ yesterday and saw Paul Ryan complain about how ACA (the bill has a name, Affordable Care Act, Obama Care is not its name) will remove $500m from Medicare to help pay for parts of the bill and what a travesty that was for Medicare. George Stephanopoulos pointed out to Ryan that his own signature budget also removes $500m from Medicare. Mr. Ryan did a bit of squirming but said in his plan the savings would go to pay down the debt which in turn would strengthen Medicare. Do other people notice when a grown man sits there and boldly lies so outrageously. If Ryan thinks its wrong to remove $500m from Medicare, he should state up front that his plan does the same thing. Mitt Romney also complained about the removal of the $500m and is also strongly endorses the Ryan Budget. Must we really be subjected to such bold faced lying?

On another one of the Sunday morning news shows one of Obama’s advisors either didn’t understand the ruling or was lying also. The SCOTUS DID strike down the individual mandate; even though this guest kept insisting it didn’t. From my understanding the individual mandate was struck down, but Justice Roberts said Congress could use its taxing power to implement ACA. Another lie of Romney’s is that this is the biggest tax increase in history; whereas only the people who have the means but don’t buy insurance are subjected to a penalty or tax. No surprise that the Republicans have no plan of their own, they keep having the mantra ‘Repeal and Replace’ yet they have offered up no details on how they would replace ACA. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Obama should publicly call the Republicans in and get their ideas for improving the bill. Aside from politics I see no reason to repeal this bill, work on improving parts of it.

Also, what good does this bill do the 25 million people who are unemployed? Does it create lower rates for them. The GOP seems to have an ‘every man for himself’ mentality. During the debates when Ron Paul was asked what to do with a man dying of because he had no healthcare the audience cheered when Paul said to let him die. That to me is shocking and unbelievable. We live in the richest nation on earth and we can’t provide healthcare to people? What about Single Payer? I am not sure whats involved with that but I have read a few articles that said $400B a year could be saved if we went to that kind of system, so why aren’t we talking about some form of that. The billing, overhead, advertising costs would all be eliminated which could create the huge savings.

I have been lucky in life, I was dealt a good hand as far as the family I was born into and the jobs I have had (even though I am currently unemployed), I don’t understand people that don’t want to extend a helping hand to those that need one.


3 thoughts on “Deny Congress Healthcare Until They Come Up with a Plan

  1. I’m honestly beginning to think right-wingers don’t even do a logic-check on their statements before opening their mouths. And I’m cynical enough to believe they know this and they just think we’re all stupid enough to go along with it.

  2. Hi-you asked about a petition. There is a free online petition site called The Petition Site, on . I used it a few years ago, and it’s very easy. Plus, there is the benefit of a website with a huge following, so signatures are easy to obtain, along with comments. Most people there are caring and reasonable, so trolling is minimal. I will be on- and off-line today, but if you let me know if, as,&when you put your petition up, I can help disseminate. Now I need to go to Twitter and follow you back. 🙂

  3. Absolutely! It’s time Congress began feeling our pain. They want to sit on their asses and do nothing but cry and complain. I was going to say if they knew what it was like to feel the pain most Americans are going through they might do something, but look at the idiots we’re dealing with.

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