U.S. Government Failure – Jobs

Here we are, another month, another Jobs Report. 80,000 jobs were created, unemployment rate remained at 8.2%. There was no change in the number of unemployed people, no change in the number of unemployed people. The numbers of unemployed are staggering and there has not been a drop in these numbers in over 6 months. These are staggering statistics, not seen since the Great Depression. In the first quarter of this year the average number of jobs created was 226,000; the second quarter which just ended saw an average of 75,000. This is an unacceptable.  According to WSJ the ‘participation rate – the share of the working-age population either working or looking for work – has fallen by 2.3% over the last 4 years to 63.8%, a 3 decade low. Nearly 88 million people – about seven times the ranks of the officially unemployed — aren’t part of the headline rate’s calculation.

Again, these stats are staggeringly bad. The fact that our Congress has done nothing but posturing instead of finding a solution is also unacceptable. The House is off on some tangent with Eric Holder and next they want to vote down the ACA. Where are their priorities? The American people are suffering and all we see from our leaders is high school like bickering. I have been saying on this blog for months now that Obama should call emergency meetings with Congress to figure something out, bring in business leaders, but no, he is in campaign mode. So, just like with the GOP Obama is not being of any help. As someone who has been looking for a job on and off for over a year this news couldn’t be more discouraging. I can see why 1m people per month drop out of the market; that is the reason the unemployment rate is staying at 8.2% and not higher. Also according to WSJ the real unemployment rate is over 15%. The number of unemployed and underemployed is still at 25 million people.

I have mentioned this before but over the weekend I will look more closely into how to do this. I would like to create an online petition that has 2 parts. Part 1: Deny all 3 branches of Government healthcare until they come up with a solution that would work best; and 2 suspend the Executive and Congressional Branches of Government their salaries until they stop acting like babies and start creating solutions. Once I find out how to do this I will be sending tweets and blogging and asking everyone to sign the petition. We do need to take our Country back to creating solutions.


6 thoughts on “U.S. Government Failure – Jobs

  1. The President inherited most of this from the previous administration and yet the GOP wants to STILL blame him for the numbers. Their reaction is almost laughable. Exactly what do they expect him to do? Go to every corporation, every small business and demand that they increase their work force? Sure, that would be a solution but it wouldn’t fix the problem. Part of the blame falls on the businesses themselves for “picking and choosing” who they want to hire. I’m almost sure it has something to do with “good looks” and not experience. ALMOST sure.

    I say that because I was laid off in 2008 due to a merger and my job was “eliminated”. I smelled something fishy almost immediately. I went back to the new employer’s store at Christmas to see my old co-workers, I discovered that the new company had hired a young, blonde female in the position I was eliminated from. I attempted to pursue age discrimination but that is a long and arduous process and nine times out ten hard to prove.

    So for the past four years I have been applying to jobs in the retail sector – with six years of experience in retail and almost 30 in customer service, you would think I’d qualify to work in a store which was advertising for retail/sales help – wouldn’t ya? Not so. The current norm to reject an applicant today is by email. A curt response to your application tells you that they’re sorry but your qualifications and skill set does not match the position of your qualifications and skill set. WTH?

    I can see how people would give up looking. It is a frustrating project to try to find a job after you have reached a certain age. But I trod on hoping that one day someone will look at my application and say “Hm. This looks like a good fit. Perhaps a bit older than we’d like but still a good fit.”

    When I wake up from my dream I hope to see on the news that the number of job hires has increased by at least one person and realize it wasn’t a dream at all.

    1. Thanks for responding, I love hearing other people’s point of view! Couple of things, Obama did inherit this economy; more importantly what he has tried to do to improve it has been blocked by the GOP; each and every bill. I do think Obama could show more leadership, or be better at politics, to call some kind of ’emergency meeting’ to force the GOP to at pass at least some of the bills sitting in Congress. The GOP isn’t interested in helping the economy or the American people, they are interested in regaining power, so they block the bills that could help the economy, thats disgusting.

      I completely agree with you about the discrimination you are describing; age and longterm unemployed discrimination. I am finding it myself; I have a ton of experience and I know prospective employers are hiring younger people. And they actually put in ads, ‘only employed people should apply’ which is outrageous and should be criminal. Hold on to the dream, I do think it will happen for you and me!

  2. Woooo hoo! You go Andrew! Couldn’t have said it better myself! Sign me up for petition drives and I need to link you to a friend I went to high school with who lives in DC and should be on your list of people to pay attention to. I don’t think I have you on FB, so I will fo a search to see if I can find and add you and then send you her as an invite and tell her a little about you.

    It really is going to take folks like us demanding changes, however it totally helps doing our homework first.

    You would be amazed to see what kind of salaries folks in the higher up positions in health insurance companies are receiving for salaries. Actually, medicare does seem to pay proy and efficiently compared to most insurance companies I have dealt with. On the odesk freelance site I had referred you to? Well I habe become quite disenchanted with it because There truly is no way I can work for $1-2/hourly plus its ludicrous and slave wages; however, that’s the going offer from many US based companies who are outsourcing through odesk. We are talking college educated people from the Phillipines and China both who jump at the chance of landing one of these $1-2/hour jobs.

    Anyway, I need to get my WP blog going and send you the link. In the meantime, keep me posted on the petition in particular!

    1. Here is the link to my FB page http://on.fb.me/JHYIBB I think there are a lot of Andrew Ginsburg’s out there! Would love to meet your friend, can you ask her to message me on FB? I have everyone under the sun as friends on FB and would prefer all of them not know what I am up to with petitions etc. Anyway thanks for your response! I love feedback. Do you think a petition for both denying their healthcare and pay is too much, should I just start with denying healthcare? Also, who would I submit the petition too? Also, will people sign it? I’ve signed online petitions before then been received tons of fundraising emails as a result of giving my email address when signing the petition (if I have a job I’d be more likely to donate!) Anyway let me know what you think! And def friend me on FB, and your friend too! I sometimes forget to go on FB….

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