5 Tips for Obama to Win 2012 Election

Looking around at the 2012 Obama campaign strategy themes I am not liking what I am seeing. I think many of the themes he is using can be discredited and/or turned against him. The goal is to beat Romney; I think he is a man without any conviction,  any backbone, and I think he would be a disastrous POTUS. George W. Bush was another disaster but at least he felt like he was doing the right thing; he had strong conviction in his beliefs, even though he was wrong on many accounts. Romney on the other hand seems like he will take any position or stance that will make him more popular. I do believe the only reason Mitt Romney wants to be POTUS is to outdo his father who had an unsuccessful bid for the presidency in 1968. None of this matters to ‘average’ voters that don’t pay much attention to politics, see themselves in lousy economic conditions and want to fire Obama for it. Here are a few tips for Obama:

1. Stop with the ‘Us Against Them’ theme. I don’t think its effective and to me sounds like hollow political speak. Yes there is a huge income disparity and yes something needs to be done about it, but a class warfare theme is not productive for his campaign and it only serves to divide the American public more than it already is. Also this theme can too easily be used by the GOP to label Obama a Socialist. Obama’s recent theme of increasing taxes for those earning $250,000 or more is not a good argument. The economy is extremely weak and I believe raising taxes now would make the economy weaker. Plus the additional revenue from this tax increase is negligible.

2. This isn’t something I often say, but the GOP has a better idea on taxes, at least on the surface: extend the tax cuts for one year and during that year completely overhaul the tax code. I strongly believe people who earn more should pay more; we can’t reduce taxes anymore than they already have been – making Romney’s vision absurd. The tax code should be simplified; most all loopholes should be closed. Changing the tax code should not be revenue neutral, it should raise taxes in order to pay down our National debt. Obama should start working on a new tax code today. Show leadership with the upcoming fiscal cliff now, not after the elections. Propose a deal now and get it and the debt ceiling done early on. Show that you can have an idea, articulate it, and then have it passed. That would show tremendous leadership and significantly help his chances of winning in 2012. Waiting until after the election is cowardly.

3. When there are 25 million people unemployed or under employed, the most people in poverty in our history Obama saying the latest Jobs Report is ‘going in the right direction’ is completely tone deaf. He should be treating the jobs and unemployment situations as emergencies. Yes, its better to have growth than contraction, but the growth is unacceptably low. At this point in Reagan’s presidency the US was creating 400,000 – 500,000 new jobs per month. Thats what we need now to get people back to work. Hearing ‘we are moving in the right direction’ might have been an ok talking point 2 or 3 years ago, now it sounds absurd.  Also, explain the healthcare bill, no one knows how it will affect them.

4. Outline a vision for your second term. What exactly would you do? How are you going to get people back to work in the next 4 years when you haven’t in the first 4 years. What are your goals for our Country? What do you want the U.S. to look like a decade from now? Where is your vision? I am not seeing it. The American people like optimism, thats why Reagan and Kennedy were so admired and loved. Take a stance, show us what we can accomplish in a decade. Show us, in detail, what ‘Morning in America’ could look like and how you could make it happen.

5. Mitt Romney thinks he can win this election just by being the ‘other guy.’ And he has a pretty good chance of doing just that. All the poles seem to be neck and neck now, although poles this early are probably useless. Stop attacking Mitt’s wealth, again thats a class warfare kind of argument that gives the GOP countless talking points. Stop talking about ‘fairness’ this country and our economy is based on survival of the fittest, so attacking Romney’s wealth, or questioning why he has Swiss Bank accounts sounds anti capitalist. Instead focus on Romney’s lackluster job as Governor of MA, how few jobs he created, how his state’s unemployment rate was higher than the national average. Focus like a laser on his record. Also, his vision is to cut taxes more? Put us in a deeper hole? He wants to cut the number of police and firemen, seriously? Instead of trying to paint a picture of Romney as an out of touch multi millionaire, focus on his previous lack of performance and his absurd notion for the future.


One thought on “5 Tips for Obama to Win 2012 Election

  1. This really will be an amazing race in the sense that voters are spectacularly uninspired by both candidates. Mitt truly is “etch a sketch,” as if he were created in a Petri dish – never have I observed someone who wants to be President for one main reason: to win! He has no passion or ideas for helping the country and he just wants to win!

    And Obama is so unspecific and bland. And you are so right: an itty bitty tax cut serves no purpose except to enflame the gang. Where is the long term plan? War spending (and victories) and amazing new technologies (such as the Internet) and pulled us out of previous depressions…Who’s going to take a look at the long term economy so we don’t leave a shell of a country for our grandchildren? Why not start with these:

    1) Infrastructure- yes, bridges and roads, but also communications and energy

    2) Energy- solar, battery and other alternative and natural gas–let’s put some brilliant minds on the fracking issue–is there a way to extract the natural gas without poisoning the environment

    3) Education-It’s a disaster and could use a complete overhaul. Why do teachers of elementary school need advanced degrees? And why do advanced degrees cost in some case hundreds of thousands of dollars? This higher education model needs an overhaul.

    4) Elder Care Services- all aspects from the dead-serious to the frivolous/lifestyle aspects… We are going to live for a long time…what are we going to do provide affordable housing for people who will live a long time and do not have enough money? And what are we going to do to keep people who are accustomed to exercise to ratchet it down a notch but still get their daily dose. There’s a wealth of opportunity for services for an aging population.

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