How Do You Make Political Decisions

This question came to me while tweeting this morning. It seems like a number of people make decisions by listening to other liked minded people. This could include friends, political opinion TV or radio shows or other methods that just reinforce your current beliefs. Its all too easy in this day and age to get the kind of news and opinions we seek out and have them reinforced by our behavior of watching Rush, Glen, Sean, Keith. This way of decision making is tragic, lazy and extremely damaging. Whatever your political views are when was the last time you listened closely to someone from the ‘other side’ who is making a fact based coherent point? I believe far too many people don’t do that enough, or ever actually. The lack of people making up their own minds by seeking out the facts is what is bringing this Country to the brink of disaster. As I have said many times on my blog, I don’t think the people of this Country are all that divided in what they seek out of life. I believe politicians exaggerate and lie to get people all worked up about things that don’t exist, simply so those politicians can keep their jobs, be reelected and save people from the ‘evil’ other side. The media is all too happy to pick up there and exaggerate these differences with breathless polarizing coverage. After all, the medias goal is not to inform, its to make a profit. So what spews out of Rush, Keith, Sean mouths all serve the purpose of their employers with better ratings, themselves with bigger egos and paychecks. But who is the loser here? The American Public. But its also completely their fault for falling into the trap and not being more proactive in finding what the truth is.

For me personally I like hearing all sides of an issue. I like hearing what George Will has to say just as much as I like hearing what James Carville thinks. I like hearing opinions from people who have studied the situation, who are respected in their fields and present an argument that makes sense. Someone on twitter this morning was so far left wing that he was appalled that I had tweeted Peggy Noonan’s column, he thought she was a right wing zealot. She is far from that. She is intelligent, well spoken, fact based and I enjoy hearing what she has to say. I don’t always agree but, thats not the point. Being more informed is the point. Every indicator points to declines in the US, whether they are academic, life expectancy, cost of healthcare, infrastructure. Basically this country is falling to shit because of the polarization thats occurring. I was just reading an article in The Washington Post outlining how the GOP debt ceiling fight made the country’s job creating lose its momentum; it was also the reason for the first downgrade of our credit rating. The main reason of the downgrade was the dysfunction in Congress. To prove a point the GOP lead House was directly responsible for slowing job creation, slowing the economy, lowering GDP and having our credit rating lowered. This kind of behavior should be treasonous.  The GOP also has blocked each and every bill thats come from the Democratic Party, simply so they can make President Obama look like a failure and be a one term president. This also should be treasonous, with people being prosecuted and sent to jail. This isn’t simply an attack on the GOP, I am sure the Dems have done their share and should be held to the same standard and receive the same prosecution.

But, what all this really boils down to is an American public that is lazy in their thinking, only want to hear from people who agree and reinforce their own beliefs. So its pretty much anyone thats reading this could be responsible for the mess we are all in. I would like to change the world, as I say in my profile. For now whomever is reading this open your minds and hear all sides of an issue and decide whats in your best interest, because whats going on now is hurting us all!


3 thoughts on “How Do You Make Political Decisions

  1. It’s difficult for people to find the real truth, when fact distortion and lies are so prevalent in the political arena. I say the solution is “Be Open-Minded When You go to Vote.” Get rid of those who continue to block good legislation just because it comes from the wrong side of the aisle. People are insulted because they know what’s going on. Ultimately, that, in itself, causes voter polarization.

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