Oh Mitt, You Could Have Had It All

As we all know the economy is lousy, unemployment is at unprecedented levels, long term unemployment is at a crisis point. President Obama has done what we think are good things, but its hard to prove a negative. The ‘it would have been worse’ argument is one that people aren’t buying. This is the third spring in a row where the economy started out strong but has fizzled. Yes there were lots of reasons for this, GOP blocking all bill passing legislation, the World’s economy, and of course the debt ceiling fiasco. We all like President Obama, we have a stand offish view of Mitt Romney as being robotic, stiff, uncomfortable in his own skin, flip flopping on too many issues to count, kissing up to whatever audience he is in front of at the time. Obama is slamming Romney with negative ads focused on Bain’s outsourcing,  how long he was actually at Bain and his investments overseas and what that might mean politically.

This has been such a missed opportunity for Mitt Romney; he should have come out months ago, being himself. He should state loudly and proudly his accomplishments at Bain, he should speak directly to the outsourcing issue. Having been in the thick of things he could have explained to the American public why companies outsource, what kind of tax advantage they get. How his company made more profits from outsourcing. The gist of his argument, or platform, should be based on his tremendous success and how to make the US more competitive in the worlds marketplace. Who better than the owner, CEO of a hugely profitable company to speak to who companies outsource and how the US can be more competitive. He should embrace his decisions to make his company as much profit as possible, while proposing to change taxes, regulations, whatever it is that makes outsourcing more advantageous than having jobs in America. Since he was in the trenches he should have many examples of what we need to do as a country to have more jobs not outsourced. He would know extremely well what measures should be taken to make the United States a more appealing and lucrative place for companies to do business in. Instead of running and hiding, he should proudly talk about his accomplishments, his experience and how that outsourcing experience in particular could be to America’s interests. He outsourced, he could change things so other companies won’t do the same. Huge missed opportunity for Mitt!

His investments, bank accounts, tax returns can be a huge asset for Mr. Romney. He should have released all this information months ago and said, you know, what I am doing is completely legal and I am saving millions in taxes, let me change that.  From his experience with taxes and off shore accounts he could speak directly to what multi millionaires and billionaires do, and close those loop holes. He should lay it all out on the table for us, show us where all of his bank accounts are, how much he saved; and because of his knowledge he can close those loop holes so the ultra rich don’t get special tax deductions. I am assuming everything he did was legal, so what better example to announce to the American people about how he would change things so people like him couldn’t take advantage of the legal tax shelters that they have. Just like with outsourcing, Mitt has lived through how to work the tax system; and who better to fix the tax system than someone who knows it so well he takes every advantage of it. He should have turned his weaknesses into leadership that could put us all on a better path.

To me, Mitt has proved himself to be nothing more than a man who will say or do anything to become POTUS. Instead if he took his experience and said I know how people (legally) work the system and I know why companies outsource, and I am here to change all that he could have a winning argument. Mitt, why didn’t you call me personally 6 weeks ago? Why are you talking about more tax cuts when the Bush tax cuts produced no net jobs and was a large part of the financial meltdown. Mitt, you will lose this election if you don’t take bold action; in fact you sound use this post as an outline or contact me for more direction.

As I have said many times before on this blog, I am not into labels of political persuasion I want whats best for me, my family and the Country. Mitt you need some help.


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