USA Lacks Future Vision *** Instead Plays Small Ball

To me our Country hasn’t shown any vision for the future in my lifetime. In the early 60s President Kennedy set a goal to have the US put a man on the moon and bring him back safely by the end of the decade. We had something to aspire to, something to be proud of. The Government spent a lot of money for this program, but countless industries were created directly or indirectly from this venture. The Internet being one of them!! Imagine a world without the Internet, the countless jobs it has created. Where is the Leadership in this Country. Why isn’t someone asking something of the American public? Why don’t be have a decade long goal of finding renewable energy? Right after 9/11 would have been the perfect time for President Bush to call for a mandate to stop importing oil from the Middle East. As we know, the terrorists used our money to attack us. Our money pays for the Iranian regime. We might not buy their oil, but the oil we do buy is leaves other nations buying oil from Iran. We should have had a war tax for the Afghan and Iraq wars so each American would play a part and price for the wars instead of just the few in the military.

The 1970’s 80’s 90’s 00’s and the Presidents who led the Country did nothing to see a bigger picture, have a vision. Those decades were about ‘whats in it for me’ and ‘how much can I get’

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You…  We as a Nation need a bold leader, looking to the future and yes, asking our help. Whats going on now in Washington, on both sides, is unacceptable


Instead of bold ideas for the future we have the recent outrage over the uniforms for the Olympics being made in China for American athletes brings up lots of issues. First off, this is not the firs time Ralph Lauren has made uniforms for the Olympics made in China so the outrage now seems a bit hollow. In fact the whole Made in China controversy, people wanting things made in America, is problematic at best. For years now stores like Wal Mart have thrived on low price goods made in China, in fact a lot of our economy is based on inexpensive things we buy because of where they are made. Let me correct that, many people have purchased many things because the price of the product was cheaper since it was made in China. All of the iPhones, iPads and all other Apple products are made in China, in sweat shops. We all know that but still keep buying them. Sure Apple could start making things in the US, but who would pay double for their iPhone or other tech toys?  Very few is my guess. So, having lowered priced goods in stores like Wal Mart have made lots of things economically affordable to people it might not otherwise be. But at the same time other people are losing their jobs.

We hear its part of globalization and in the end its better for everyone involved. Whether thats true or not is yet to be seen, but we are beyond the turning point. It would be nice if things could be made in the US at a competitive price. That brings up another issue, how do you know whats made in America and whats not? If you buy a Cadillac or Chevy, some of those are made in Canada; we don’t know where all of the parts of the car are coming from. But if you buy a Honda or Toyota chances are it was made in the US. Or does it matter more who owns the company and where the profits go? Or is it all about jobs?



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