Romney’s Positions Unacceptable – Start w/Iran

I guess its ironic to talk about Romney’s position on issues since he changes his views more than any politician in modern history. His changed views arent from evolution, they are calculated to make him win over his audience. How the American people can forgot all the flip flops is bothersome, since why would you put your faith in a man that changes his mind/views/policies with the wind?

Lets start with Iran. The GOP would have you believe that the Iranian nuclear problem started when Obama was inaugurated. This situation has been going on for decades. The Bush administration didnt have any better luck than Obama is having. The GOP criticizes Obama being silent in 2009 when the Green Revolution was demonstrating in the streets of Tehran. I heard his advisors at the time say America was purposefully staying out of this, otherwise the Iranian regime would blame the demonstrations on the Americans and convince their population that fighting for their rights is pointless. So, a strategic decision on Obama’s part is twisted into his being weak. The news today is that Romney would back Israel’s right to strike Iran. A few things come to mind. First, its unheard of for anyone to contradict the President of the United States while off of American soil. This alone is an act of incompetence and buffoonery. Secondly and more importantly: what would striking Iran accomplish? Most experts agree that it would set their nuclear ambitions back a year, maybe 2. Thats the plus side. The downside is that it could do absolutely nothing, its not like their nuclear facilities are clearly marked with a big X on them. Also, a strike on Iran by Israel and backed by the U.S. will bring the Iranian population together and back their leaders. This is what happens in times of war, citizens back their leaders. This would be catastrophic since most of the Iranian public does not like their ruling regime and they are the most westernized culture in the Middle East. If we work out the Iranian situation correctly they could be one of our best allies. Its the leaders of Iran that are the problem, not the citizens.

But, of course, Mitt Romney cares nothing about any of these inconvenient facts. He wants to look tough, he wants to be the GOP Hawk that the neocons love. Any kind of war with Iran would be a disaster, worse than Iraq and Afghanistan. I am not saying Iran should be able to strike Israel and that we shouldnt do everything possible to stop this from happening; as Obama has publicly declared he will do. What we dont need is a posturing buffoon butting in when serious tense negotiations are going on. He should have more respect for his country and the President.

Romney on taxes: ‘Lower them for everyone?’ We tried lowering taxes for all income levels during the 8 years of the Bush administration, we were told this would increase jobs, productivity and be good for all. Instead there were no net new jobs created in the 8 years he was in office. We have tried this and it doesnt work; it was one of the main reasons for the financial meltdown we are still recovering from.

Romney on healthcare: Repeal ACA and no solutions, suggestions, on what to replace it with. Let everyone fend for themselves.

Romney on Social Issues: He wants to overturn Roe vs Wade and add an amendment to the constitution saying marriage is between a man and a woman, only. This would be the first time in American history that the constitution would be amended to take away peoples rights. The last thing we need as a country is to move the clock back 20 years. Especially when public opinion on Marriage Equality is over 50%. Romney on the wrong side of history. Btw, what would he want next, segregated lunch counters again?

Romney is a horrible candidate with just about nothing to offer. His main calling card is ‘I am not Obama’ well, that might be true. Romney would be a disaster for this country. His Olympics gaffe alone should tell you he’s not ready for primetime.


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