Things You Should Think About and Write Down

Not sure if people prefer reading one post about one topic, but lots of times I prefer to state  what I am thinking on multiple topics.

1. Lets start with Michelle Bachman; she is actually saying anyone who is Muslim is suspect of being a terrorist. Yes a few in the GOP have condemned her statement, most notably John McCain. Hats off to him for having the guts to cross the ever angry tea party. If you think about Bachman’s statement it is an unacceptable showing of bigotry and lack of intelligence. Freedom of speech is a good thing, yes. But, this woman should be taken off any intelligence committee and condemned by Congress for her blatant bigotry. Right after 9/11 President George W.Bush made a point of reaching out to Muslim communities and telling the American people Muslims are not to blame for this. He was right.

2. The church in Mississippi that wouldn’t allow 2 black people to marry each other because it might ‘offend’ other people in the church community. Why in this day and age is this type of behavior tolerated? 2 people should always be free to marry no matter where, when or whatever the circumstances are. Marriage Equality is important to society, we should be reaching out to each other, offering a helping hand. Anyone offended by people getting married needs an education in modern society.

3. An overwhelming number of Dems approve of same sex marriage, 65%. This is an all time high. This is excellent news since it marks history moving forward. The haters and the people who want to condemn same sex marriage are in the minority. And with people under 30 this is a non issue. This is good news for everyone.

4. This is disturbing to me. Whomever wins the presidential election might not matter. Things might be exactly the same, the bitter polarized electorate might continue to be in a stalemate. This is a sad and pathetic fact. Many things need to be done in this country but they can only be done with bi partisan compromises. America is on the verge now; we need to come together to make the country stronger. This cant happen with petty bickering. There are too many people out of work, too much fear of being laid off, too much negativity for us to prosper. We need strong leadership today, not after the election. This should come from President Obama. Fix things now!

5. I fear we are forgetting about the unemployed. They are hardly if ever mentioned in the news media. The impact on lives is devastating. Many people just cant find jobs, they arent out there. There are an estimated 25 million Americans that are unemployed or under employed, there are over 7 million Americans that have been out of the workforce for over a year. The consequences of this will be felt for generations to come. From the recent college grad to the 45+ laid off people looking for work. I dont see enough being done for this group of people. I dont see either presidential candidate offering any solutions, any plans, nothing.

No one is talking about America in 2025, no one is looking past the next election or news cycle. This alone show America in decline. Lets stop the petty daily news cycle agenda and build a USA that we are all proud of.


One thought on “Things You Should Think About and Write Down

  1. Bachamn is a xenophobe, racist, bigot and gets her facts wrong. Im assuming she is of German background? Whether or not she is, during WWII she would have been discriminated against because people thought Christian Germans sympathized with Hitler. She’s an idiot.

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