Retina Air iMac Apple Reviews

Ok so today’s post will be a lot lighter than yesterdays; but none less important! In 2008 when I was gainfully employed and doing pretty well I decided it was time for a new computer. After owning many Dells and having them almost all be disappointments I decided to try Apple which was becoming bigger by the day then. First off, their site is great, it has video tutorials that walk you through every step of the way, from changing from windows to mac to how their products work. So one day in August 2008 my partner (now husband) and I went to the Apple store. I was instantly impressed with their sales strategy.  Being in sales myself I could understand what their goal was; they would spend as much time with you as needed, answer all of your questions and if you left empty handed they just said bye thanks for coming in. To me there is nothing worse than going into a store where they push things at you and act desperate. I like stores that have the confidence in their products that they know you will be back. And there we were, back. So for the desktop I wanted I basically had 2 choices, the 20″ iMac or the 24″ iMac.  Its hard to judge what a computer will look like in your home when you are in a store with 50 foot ceilings. Both my partner and the sales guy said the 20″ was the one to get, the 24″ was overdoing it. I knew myself and knew I’d regret not getting the bigger one so I chose the 24″ model. Since it was too heavy to take on the subway we took a car service home; I remember saying to Michael that growing up our family TV set was 19″ so it was a bit absurd having such a large screen. Anyway it was love at first site, I really liked the computer, the reliability, the large screen, I was very pleased. Pleased enough in fact to buy Michael a MacBook Pro and their Time Capsule for backing up and a wireless network.  Everything was fine, until…

Until one day in June of 2012 when my 24″ stopped working. I was on the phone with Apple Care for hours, trying this and trying that. They finally told me I should bring it in to an Apple Store for deeper analytic testing. No way was I going to take a 24 inch 30 pound  computer into Manhattan or pay for a car service for a 4 year old computer. So I bought one online and was able to pick it up in the store; I went to one of the new Apple Stores and picked up my brand new 21.5″ computer. Much to my surprise, when I got it home the screen seemed small and cramped (they no longer made the 24″ model) and worse than that the graphics and speed seemed exactly like my old 4 year old computer. This was rather disappointing because after 4 years you would expect a somewhat significant bump in speed, crispness in graphics. But no, it was completely comparable to my 4 year old computer, just smaller, not as nice and came with a somewhat hefty price tag. So the 21.5″ iMac gets a grade of D. Then I ordered the 27″ model; it was so large that it felt like it should be used professionally and looked ridiculous on my desk. This was a tad faster than the 21.5, but I still give it a D since the extra speed didnt make up for the extra price. Then I decided to change completely and get the new MacBook Pro 15″ with Retina Display. I thought maybe having their top of the line with all the new technology and the ‘amazing’ screen resolution would make up for its size being smaller than what I was used to. The display on this model is fantastic, the letters, pictures everything was stunning and a pleasure to use. After using it for a few hours I realized my eyes started hurting. Whereas the text and pics were stunning and sharp, the non optimized parts of the site looked blurry and distorted. Sometimes almost half of the page looked this way. All company headers, all graphics and all ads looked blurry. It was such a stark difference to see something so clear right next to something so blurry. This gets a grade of A for the machine but for timing and functionality it gets a B.

So, I returned that too and bought the MacBook Air 13″ so far this has been very good. It light weight, the screen resolution is pretty good. It starts up ultra fast. The newer computers have a hard drive called SSD which makes them almost instant on. Both the Retina and the Air have this feature. I give the Air a B+. I am a normal user, not a video editor, but I want whats newest and most fun on the market.

To me, Apple has failed to give the consumer something that they can buy, take home and love. To me Apple gets an F for this. After all the hype of Retina display, who wants non-retina. Also, who wants to look at a blurry screen. All of Apples antics of secrecy is getting old; we need to plan what we want and know when things are coming out. For me an iMac is probably best but I have no clue when they are coming out. I think Apple’s arrogance in keeping everything close to the vest and a secret will lead to their ultimate demise.  We’ve seen it happen so many times before, AOL, Netscape, My Space, MicroSoft; Apples day will come, until then I will be deciding on keeping this 13″ Air or going back to the Retina.


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