‘If You Cannot Afford Legal Assistance It Will Be Provided To You’

I have been meaning to write this for a while now its been in the back of my head and I wanted to bring to other people’s attention. In the USA we have a legal system that is amongst the best in the world. Its not perfect but for the most part its something we can be proud of. One part of the legal system thats stuck in my mind recently is related to healthcare and other things we as a country are bickering about. “If you cant afford legal assistance an attorney will be provided for you.”  Why arent people up in arms over this, why dont they think its ‘socialism’? We provide free legal counsel for those that cannot afford it; but are more than willing to let people die who dont have insurance. That doesnt make sense to me. What ever happened to “United we Stand”? How providing everyone with healthcare can be such a divisive and bitter feud in our country amazes me. During the GOP primaries when Ron Paul was asked if a man without insurance should be allowed to die the audience went wild, they loved it, of course the man should die you could hear people saying. To me this is beyond reproach. We are the richest country on earth and we should have healthcare for everyone, if ACA needs fixing and tweaking, do it. Anyway it is ironic that no one has  a problem with free attorney’s but free healthcare (which of course wouldnt be free) drives everyone mad.

The Campaigns are really starting to get on my nerves. The recent Obama ad implying that Mitt Romney was responsible for a woman’s death was an outrageous allegation. I learned on CNN that after the factory closed and the husband lost his job and insurance, the wife had a job that included health insurance. So for a number of years she had her own health insurance.  Then for some reason or another the woman left that job and the couple was uninsured. The woman later was diagnosed and died from some kind of cancer. Of course this is a tragic story, you dont want to hear about any fellow American dying because they cannot afford health insurance. A few important facts about this ad; It doesnt let you know the woman had insurance it just says Romney closed the plant and the woman died. Thats an ad not fitting of the President, it doesnt include all of the facts and really is a lie. Also shocking is that while watching MSNBC they also did not mention that the woman had insurance before she died; this is also outrageous. NBC is supposed to be one of the most respected sources of news and information; their leaving that part out of the story seriously lowers their credibility as a news source. Obama should denounce the ad and NBC News should apologize to their viewers for misleading them.

The most ironic part of this story is that when Mitt Romney’s senior spokesperson was asked to comment on this commercial she said something to the effect that if the couple had lived in Massachusetts Mitt Romney’s healthcare law would have given them coverage.

Frankly I am disappointed in both candidates for many reasons. I havent heard either one talk about a future, a vision for our country. What would they do in the next 4 years. The tax issue is deplorable. Romney wants to lower it, thats a policy issue anyway not a future vision. I havent heard Obama say anything inspiring either. At the very least these 2 men should be honest, and they are not. By November no one might care who wins.


5 thoughts on “‘If You Cannot Afford Legal Assistance It Will Be Provided To You’

  1. Insurance companies are not killing us. Basically, no one gets out of here alive, but until then, you can eat right, excercise, take your vitamins, stop smoking, etc. And of course you can slow down on the steroid injected red meat and the insecticided fruits and vegetables and try to eat more organically. What will kill us is the fact that we may have to pay into these policies year after year and some may only need to visit a doctor once in every 2 to 3 yrs or less. That money can be used to purchase the healthier options of food available to us. We’ve always had the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (Bible) manual at our fingertips, most of our lives and in the up and coming months and yrs, many will regret no following it more than they did. I guess the right interpretation would’ve helped some! Nevertheless, I see your point in what we as Americans get upset about versus what we don’t get upset about. That is why I continue to read your blog because you have a gift to point out the ironically-ironic matters that we accept in this country. Yet and still, I wouldn’t want to leave my country………………….at least until all the kids are grown, Lol! But on a serious note, if people are fed up with the policies, this would probably be the best time to see what the rest of the world has to offer.

  2. In Britain our current govenrment has an ideological agenda to get rid of the National Health Service that was set after the second world war in a wave of socialist (that is the will of the people) anger at the lack of care given to the people. The people who vote, the people who die for thier country.

    Aneurin Bevan puts it best .

    “The collective principle asserts that… no society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.”

    To my mind it depends what you want, and you only get what you pay for. I want care for each and every member of my society. I will pay taxes for that.

    The political and logistical nicesties of delivering such a programme to be cost effective and efficient are of course very important.

    For some this is about the horrible demon of socialism “we don’t want the government telling us…” etc I say I don’t care what you call it – if its the will of the majority and it works then do it.

    If we are not careful all of the good ideas set out and delivered ( in Britain at least) after the appalling World Wars of the 20th Century will be eroded.

    We as a soicety are dependant on one another and have responsibilty towards and for one another. If that is socialism call me a socialist.

    Aneurin Bevan (again)

    “The National Health service and the Welfare State have come to be used as interchangeable terms, and in the mouths of some people as terms of reproach. Why this is so it is not difficult to understand, if you view everything from the angle of a strictly individualistic competitive society. A free health service is pure Socialism and as such it is opposed to the hedonism of capitalist society.”

    1. Great response, thanks for reading and responding. I agree that everyone should have healthcare, regardless of their financial situation. Here in the US people talk about Socialism like its a horrible thing, when in fact our Social Security and Medicare programs are Socialism and people love them. I love the quotes you used, they sum up my feelings on this issue as well.

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