My Take on the Ryan Pick

Its really unbelievable that 75% of the news is all about Paul Ryan, his background, his views, what it means that he was chosen, how this will effect the campaign, what this says about Mitt? The simple truth is no one will know until after election day whether it was a wise and bold move or a Sarah Palin move. I have some thoughts, of course, on this and here are a few:

I dont see this as a particularly bold move I see it more as a desperate one. Conservatives never warmed up to Romney. The Wall Street Journal, and other right wing publications all wrote articles urging Paul Ryan be put on the ticket. Mitt was given a message that was loud and clear, choose Paul Ryan. Mitt being Mitt, with no spine or backbone, did as he was told and chose Ryan. So this has many implications. The conservatives didnt trust Mitt so they wanted one of their own to baby sit him; just to make sure he didnt do something radical like turn into a dreaded moderate! It shows yet again that Mitt has no convictions, no beliefs, no core; he followed instructions and picked Ryan. Whats extremely disturbing about Mitt not being able to stand up to the ultra right wing is what would he do as president, how would he stand up to Iran, North Korea, and other world leaders. Romney does not give the impression of a man with distinct opinions who will fight for them. The Ryan choice all but shows how Mitt can be pushed around; would he be pushed into a ground war with Iran? Thats what the neocons want and Romney would be their puppet.

Paul Ryan, on the other hand seems like a solid straight forward young man who is strong in his convictions and can easily articulate them. He brings a new generation to the GOP with a man who is serious and wants to balance the books of the Country. On paper, he is almost the ideal candidate. In reality his ideas are unfortunately much too out there to resonate with the American people. His budget ideas are a radical departure from what we have been used to; and proposed in a time when the country is going through a horrible economic time; Ryan’s budget just ads to the anxiety.  The very premise of the Ryan budget is deeply flawed and does nothing to reduce the long term debt of the country. Romney and Ryan want to keep the Bush tax cuts in place and to lower tax rates even more. The CBO has estimated that this will have the hardest impact on the middle class while the upper income people will benefit most.  So, in short, Ryan wants to end Medicare and Social Security, Romney wants more deductions for planes and other toys. This is a disgraceful way to try to reduce the deficit.

Ronald Reagan once famously said: ‘Why would a bus driver pay the same tax rate that I do, of course mine should be higher.” There is a lot of work to be done in this country to fix the current economy; the long term debt, and what the future of the US will look like. I am all for starting with a clean slate, putting everything on the table and coming up with a solution. This solution must include tax increases; the solution must have a higher tax rate if you earn more. Things obviously have to be cut; programs made smaller. When the GOP talks about ‘reducing government’ they are talking about fewer firefighters, fewer police, fewer teachers. This is not what we want.

Barack Obama has been a huge disappointment in not addressing any of these issues; he is the leader of the free world and POTUS he should have a real plan to get things back on track. He hasnt done this and thats inexcusable; Obama’s big advantage in this race is that as mediocre as he has been Romney would be catastrophically worse.

So to some up, Paul Ryan was not a bold choice. The choice showed that Romney can be pushed around and will do as his backers tell him. Ryan, while genuine and sincere, has views that are too radical for this country.  Where is the GOP that wanted a Big Tent? Dead and buried!


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