Bring Back the Twin Towers

There is a certain subway that I ride that gives me a clear view of the building going on at ground zero. Recently 1 WTC World Trade Center again became the tallest building in NYC. Riding by on the subway I can’t help but thinking I dont like what I see and that I want the towers back. To me the towers were two ugly buildings with no architectural value whatsoever. But they were ours, they belonged to New Yorkers and all Americans. At first it seemed exciting to have a whole new area that could be redone, rethought and incorporated with lots of other changes in Manhattan, like easier access to subways and an exciting new downtown Manhattan.

Now, almost 11 years later I have changed my mind; I like the idea of upgraded subways, easier access to things. But the new buildings going up look like an open wound. It seems so simple now, just put them back up. But no one was talking about that back then, I certainly wasn’t. But I dont know if Manhattan can be whole again without the Twin Towers. Just seeing pics of the towers brings back such fond memories of before we had to think about terrorism here in NYC. 


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