Is It Really a Vacation with Family Involved

As I have mentioned we are leaving on vacation tomorrow morning. The term vacation can be widely interpreted; what we are actually doing is going to my families beach house on Cape Cod for a while. I say for a while because our coming back will depend on the weather, our moods or whatever we want. The house is ours, I should say my mothers, so we can stay as long as we want; the rental car charges by the day so its all good. Its interesting that even after being dead for over a decade I still have trouble calling it my mothers house, so I tend to just call it a family house. Even though my brother has his own beach house very close by.  We will try to leave around 6 am to beat the traffic, its an ugly 5 hour drive. My nephew will be staying in our brownstone in NYC keeping an eye on it. Not that we need that, we live in a very safe neighborhood and have an alarm. Plus we dont keep much at home anyway, I dont think anyone wants our 6 year old 42″ Aquos!

There are so many memories in Cape Cod; my parents bought the place in the mid 80s when I was a still in college. Before that we would usually go to Nantucket every summer but when it was time for them to buy Nantucket is not an easy place to get to on the weekends. My father was from Ohio and never liked the beach, not sure how my mother convinced him to buy this house but he did. I have always loved the water and the ocean. The first summer they had the house it wasnt until Labor Day that my mother asked in a panicked tone, why I hadnt come much at all that summer, did I not like the house? Meantime I was just enjoying our regular house with my parents not being in it! I remember the many fights and squabbles we had; especially my father and me. I would always challenge my father on everything he said or did and he wasnt used to that. Being a successful Doctor he was used to everyone hanging on everything he said. My brother loved my fathers advice. Its not that I didnt take his advice but I had to make sure I let him know that I was hearing his advice and would make my own decisions. I remember my father telling me one time that my 2 month old nephew was acting more mature than I was, which was probably true at the time!

Now things have changed; both my brother and I are married, he has 2 kids I adore. That 2 month old nephew is now a 6’5 24 year old writer. My mother remarried after my fathers death. So going to the Cape for me now is about spending time with my mother, a change of scenery for Michael and me, spending time with my brother and his wife; and sometimes we are lucky enough to get to have my niece there. This year we are celebrating my mothers 75th birthday which I think for all of up brings up the issue of my father not being there to celebrate; or to have celebrated his 75th last year.

I dont love the beach, having a house very close to the beach makes it easier for me, I can leave every few hours and come back. Our beach is private so thats nice. We are not near where the sharks are. So, to some all of this up, its not really a vacation having all of your family members there; but its really nice to be able to spend time with them. Its not getting away from everything but it is nice being away for a while. To end this on a funny note, every time I have on one of those obnoxious big pony Polo shirts my mother always asks “are you sure you dont want to change before we go out?”


3 thoughts on “Is It Really a Vacation with Family Involved

  1. My family is 3000 miles away, so we spend every vacation together. Enjoy the time you have, because without squabbles and annoying shirts, it wouldn’t be family. And without family, this journey we are one wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable. Have a great time!

  2. I hope your vacation is a relaxing one, Andrew. You certainly need it after that Mac decision. Hell, after all that, your tweeps need a vacation too.

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