A Warning to President Obama

You are in serious trouble. You are very close to being beaten, losing the election and having a devastating legacy. From what I understand most of this is your own doing. I have been reading a book called The Amateur ; its written by an ex New York Times writer; it is slanted against Obama and some of the material in the book is questionable however the overall picture seems to be pretty accurate. The book describes Obama as an arrogant egocentric man who surrounds himself only with people who agree with him; he does not take advice from the few who have good advice to give. His White House is dominated by Valerie Jarrett who is more interested in keeping her ‘power’ than the good of the country. She is Obama’s senior advisor, no one sees the POTUS without her approval. Thats a very dangerous position to have, controlling what the leader of the free world sees and doesnt see. The book also goes into great lengths about Michelle Obama and how she is an extremely strong force in the White House; if you go around her, or if she doesnt like you you are out.  So, we have an arrogant president who doesn’t listen to advice and 2 strong women blocking everyone from him to hear new ideas or new ways of doing things.

As a citizen I am extremely disappointed in Obama as a POTUS; to me he completely lacks and has shown no leadership, he couldnt be more aloof and disinterested in other peoples problems. He is playing a political game with the GOP and we the American people are the losers of the game. The GOP has been acting completely disgracefully, their obstructionism and clear lack of interest in making things better (ie doing the jobs) is sickening. This post is not about them its about Obama. He could clearly try harder to get the GOP on board, even if he had to do it in a publicly humiliating way for the GOP. The Jobs Bill Obama sent to Congress in September 2011 was a posturing move, he clearly knew the bill would never pass. A year has gone by and Obama has offered nothing. No compromises. No taking smaller steps. Washington seems to have a total lack of leadership and it is because of Barack Obama. I personally have been unemployed for over 2 years so having a president that seems to be doing nothing to help the unemployed it infuriates me.

The book goes into many instances where he has alienated those who helped him get elected; most prominently Oprah Winfrey and Caroline Kennedy. I didnt notice it at first that Caroline wasnt campaigning for him but when I saw Oprah being interviewed and asked if she was going to endorse Obama she essentially said ‘no’ – she said she wasnt endorsing anyone this cycle. From what I understand these 2 woman have been ignored and ostracized from the White House and any kind of work they could do to help. The book goes into many details about this, which I cannot verify. But whats plain to see is that neither of them is endorsing or helping him in any way. The irony of this is that when Teddy and Caroline Kennedy publicly endorsed Obama it gave the Democrats a way to walk away from Hillary, since Teddy did it first. Without that he probably would not have beaten Hillary. The book also goes into details about how Obama has alienated the Wall Street and Hollywood monied set. You can see this as being accurate every month where Romney raises more money than Obama. Foreign policy is another issue that he is inconsistent on; why help Libya and not Syria? Pulling all the troops out of Iraq seemed like a good idea; now Iraq is one of Iran’s strongest allies. His treatment of Israel is another source of inconsistencies.

To me all of this comes down to Obama being an academic who seems above it all and is doing little to nothing to improve peoples lives by bringing back the economy. I havent heard from Obama what his vision is for the next 4 years; ideally I’d like to hear his vision for the next 50 years. The main positive of Obama is that Mitt Romney would be a thousand times worse than Obama. But, Barack, you need to do something bold right now. You need to lead on the ‘fiscal cliff’ you need to tell us your vision. Dont make us vote for you just because the other guy would be worse. You are in serious danger of being a one term president.


3 thoughts on “A Warning to President Obama

  1. WOW Andrew, that is really putting it all out there. Doesn’t it always come down to voting for the less of two evils ??? A shame really , but I’m sure many people feel that way.

  2. I haven’t been happy with Obama from the get-go and now I know why. I voted for him in 2008 and even hoped he would be a serious agent of change, but I won’t vote for him this time round (an easy decision as I live in NY).

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