A Warning About Mitt Romney

When I write these posts I try to be as openminded as I can be, looking at views from all sides and regardless of party affiliation I will give my opinion, positive or negative. Thats the way I think, about everything too not just politics. I wrote a warning to Obama, most people didnt read it to the end to realize what my actual point was. Now my thoughts on Mitt Romney and the rest of the GOP. Lets start with Mitt, how can you trust a man thats been on every side of every issue? How do you know what he actually believes? This flip flopping is more than just a political phrase, to me its a dilemma, what does the man actually think. What are his priorities, what would he do in office? Everything that comes out of his mouth sounds hollow, rehearsed or like someone else told him to say what he is saying. His bringing up Obama’s origin of birth place yesterday was embarrassing, does Romney have no pride? So, knowing very little about whats inside his head makes it difficult to evaluate him, and makes it just about impossible to support him. He panders to all audiences; there is no there there.

Lets go with what we do know. Tax returns, releasing one year and maybe another in October. Thats unacceptable for a multimillionaire with investments and tax havens all over the world. He gave John McCain 23 years when he was being vetted for VP in 2008; why arent we seeing those? The answer is obvious, he is hiding something. I doubt he did anything illegal but I am sure he took advantage of  everything he could. This could have been a tremendous advantage if he came clean, talked about the legal things he did, then put a stop to them. Our Country is going bankrupt all those tax advantages he, and many others, take advantage of should be closed and put toward the longterm debt. Romney says his investments are in a blind trust that he has no authority over; when Teddy Kennedy said that Romney mocked him.  Another thing we know about Romney is his whining and complaining about how Obama is going negative, spending lots of money on TV ads and how that is not the way you run a campaign. We all remember, or I am reminding you, the heavy spending on negative ads is what made Romney win the primaries. He used this tactic on Newt, Santorum, the buffoon from Texas. These 2 examples alone show that Romney is not an honest man, he is not transparent and that he is not trustworthy. How can you trust someone that wont come clean with you?

Romney is running on being the successful businessman that can fix our economy. He was a successful business man however, what he was successful in has nothing to do with fixing our economy. What he has proposed, cutting taxes, cutting entitlements, cutting government is very similar to George W. Bush, but much worse because he wants to lower the already lowered rates Bush enacted. We saw in the 2000s that lowering taxes and lessening regulation did not lead to robust economic growth, as promised. W. left office as one of the few presidents in history that created no new net jobs. Thats staggering. Why would anyone thinking person want to go back to the policies we know have failed and also lead us into a financial crisis akin to the Great Depression. Thats insanity.

I blasted Obama for not showing stronger leadership; Mitt Romney has shown no leadership to my knowledge. When Rush called a college student vile names Romney said ‘those arent the words I would have chosen’ No coming out like a true leader condemning such language. As for jobs, Mitt Romney should today, during his campaign, speak out to the GOP to pass any and all bills that would create jobs. He should be meeting with GOP leaders now trying to think of ways to put more people to work. He should publicly ask to meet with Obama to see if they could right now, today, start working on a solution to this epidemic of longterm unemployed people. That would show true leadership. But he has shown no leadership; not even on something as simple as Obama’s place of birth. Instead he uses that to pander.

I really cant think of anything positive to say about Mitt Romney as a person or as a candidate. The only thing he has going for him is Obama’s lack of success. Oh, and an audience of people with short attention spans that have forgotten most of whats in this posting. I am very disappointed in President Obama although I strongly support him. I hope over the next 4 years he becomes a better president and in the end is looked on by history as not only historic for his race, but historic for what he does to elevate this Country of ours. Sorry Mitt, I have nothing positive to say about you, your history, your campaign, your vision.


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