Where’s the Beef?

We keep hearing about Mitt Romney’s experience as a business man and that experience would make him the perfect president. On paper that could be true; a man that has amassed a fortune of over $250 million is quite impressive. The skills he had to make that happen are skills most of us do not have. He should be congratulated and be on an advisory panel because of his knowledge and success. Maybe he has ideas, policies that could help us all. His outstanding success doesnt, in my view, make him a presidential shoe in. In fact, I haven’t heard a single word about how his success would translate into fixing our economy, making it grow faster and putting more unemployed people back to work. I havent heard the ‘Mitt Plan’ maybe thats coming this week at the RNC Convention, maybe its not.  I just havent heard anything to make me believe he would be a good stewart of our economy and help the ones that need help. I think criticizing him for being rich and successful is a waste of time, saying he isn’t in touch is not a particularly good argument either. Even his being robotic and ill at ease with people isn’t really a good criticism.  What I want to know is can he do the job, can he put the 23 million people unemployed or under employed back to work. Can he change the fundamentals of the economy so it works for more people. And, can he be commander in chief.

My instincts say no to all of the above. I dont feel like Mitt is a genuine candidate who wants to help other people, I feel like Mitt is someone that wants to have another notch on his belt. Another accomplishment. What makes me think this? Well, first off, like I said, I have seen no plan from Romney as to how he would fix this economy, create more jobs. What I have heard is, yet again, lowering tax rates, reducing government. We tried the lowering tax rates for almost a decade with George W. and it did not do what was promised. There was no spurt in job growth, no game changing  positive event that happened from those tax cuts. The only thing that happened was more debt. So, hearing Mitt Romney talk about cutting taxes, lower than the Bush tax cuts, sounds preposterous. When he talks about cutting ‘government’ he is talking about cops, firefighters, teachers. America needs a better trajectory, something to strive for, something we can be proud of. I dont see Mitt Romney as the man to do that. I see Mitt as a pandering man who will say anything to anyone as long as he gets elected. To me, electing him would put us in more debt, and have devastating results.

Whats the alternative you ask? Thats also not a pretty picture. Barack Obama has not shown leadership, he has not made the economy thrive. Yes, he might have diverted another Great Depression, but in my mind we are living through a Great Depression now. I have not heard Obama say the words ‘unemployed’ or ‘longterm unemployed’ in months. Thats extremely disheartening since I fall into that group. If he is not talking about it, how in the world is he going to fix it. To me Obama has no justifiable plan either.  I am not pleased with his performance or his lack of vision for the next four years.

What it comes down to is, where’s the beef? Where are the plans? I am for Barack Obama simply because I think Mitt Romney would be a horrible president. His tax returns alone show you that he wont come forward with the tricks of the wealthy to avoid taxes, and what he would do to change that. His silence says, its ok, I want it this way. What I want to see from both candidates is how you are going to help the needy, how you are going to help the jobless who want to work, how you are going to shape the American future. I havent heard that from either candidate. But, Obama seems the lesser of two evils. I really long for a pro American president, but I haven’t seen one.


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