Labor Day and a New Season

Its been a while since I have written a post on here; the news has been all about the convention, this upcoming week I am sure it will be all about the other convention. Many economists have said that it doesnt matter which president is in office, the economy will be lackluster for the next 4 years anyway. Our political system is so broken; its such a shame that the 2 sides cant grow up and do their jobs rather than play politics with everything. “Nothing will happen in an election year.” To which I respond, why not? There are solutions out there, things that could be tried, peoples advise being sought out and its not.  I have very little faith in Obama, I just know Romney would be worse. Do we need to go back in time with equality issues?  More to come….

When I started this blog the focus I set out was to discuss unemployment, job search, sharing ideas, strategies. It didnt quite work out like that. I have been humbled by all of the positive feedback I have received about my writing, my voice and the topic I have chosen to write about. I have definitely moved towards talking more about politics than unemployment for a few reasons; one being politics can have a direct effect on unemployment, in reducing it I mean. Also talking about being unemployed, sending out resumes, going on interviews, getting rejection letters, having all day with no to much to do. Living this day in and day out isnt, in my eyes, fun reading. Its depressing and a downer; to read about and to live through.

So its Labor Day, meaning we are pretty much done with summer and I am entering another season without a job. Everyone always says hiring pics up after the summer, around Labor Day. So I will send out more resumes and see what happens. I dont have particularly high hopes since why would things be different now than they were in the spring. The economy is a lot worse now. The Government, Congress, President are all playing political games so they can keep their jobs when they dont think or talk about a plan to get people back to work. Thats disgraceful and grounds for all of them being fired. Thats not going to happen so what to do next? I dont know.  More to come here as well.


2 thoughts on “Labor Day and a New Season

  1. I am actually glad to see you writing about politics! It makes for interesting reading and it allows me to comment my thoughts and opinions about politics (which I’m less inclined to on my own blog)!

    So keep up with the job search…I’m sending good emplOyment vibes to you!

    1. Thanks for reading and replying! Glad to hear you enjoy it, thats just the boost I needed now. I was told by career professionals not to write about politics or family stuff while applying for jobs. As you can see I ignored that advice. Anyway thanks for the good vibes!

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