Politics in the United States of America

Everyone talks about the Founding Fathers like they were some kind of prophets who were able to construct a constitution that could be the basis of law and politics in this country; forever. If you think about that, thats an absurd notion. In the late 18th Century a group of (white) men were able to draft something that could be the template of a country that would grow prosper and change. To me that notion is absurd, things must change as times change, as new inventions change our world. What is completely confounding to me is our political system. It sounds good in theory, 3 equal branches government for checks and balances to make sure the people of our country do the right thing; or are forced to. But, what the Founding Fathers never imagined is the absurd political mess thats been going on in Washington for the last decade or 2. Whats happening now is an embarrassment of our Country and completely ‘unconstitutional.’

I blame each and every politician for the mess we are in. I think we should all take our labels off, GOP, Dems, tea party and really think about what the best way to move forward is. Remove your labels and open your mind to whats best for this Country. I see absolutely no politicians doing that. I believe major changes should be made to our political system so we can have a more prosperous and democratic future. We are at a stalemate right now as far as what can get done and how it can get done. We have a political party, the GOP, that wont work with the POTUS on job creation, healthcare, long term debt reduction. Why dont they want to work with him? Because if they did it would make Obama look good and thus he would have another term. That is an outrageous, and in my mind treasonous, reason not to work with the president. People are suffering more than they have since the Great Depression and the GOP is more interested in getting reelected than helping. We have a president who knows that this is happening and doesnt do anything to rectify the situation. No grand gestures, no public talks. Worse than that the president has had a lot of achievements, and he is unable to articulate them to the American public. ObamaCare? Who even knows whats in it to make a decision if they like it? Thats completely Obama’s fault.

One of the main problems in our politics is that everything is short term thinking; everyone is concerned about the next election cycle. No one has a long term vision for this Country. The only thing politicians think about is what will get them re elected in 2, 4 or 6 years. This surely is not what the Founding Fathers wanted for our Country. The way we stack up to other countries is pitiful. We are fast becoming a third world country.

Some changes I would like to see:

Make terms longer; President maybe 6 years, House and Senate 6 years – long term planning is essential and cant be done with constant election cycles and fund raising.

Change the order of the primaries: Do it by lottery. Why should Iowa and NH be the states to set the tone of the election. Make the candidates pander everywhere. Do a lottery around convention time to see what order and what dates the primaries will be held. That gives a more fair and level playing field, so people like Mitt Romney dont spend 6 years in NH

Get rid of the Electoral College- maybe that worked when their were 13 colonies, but now its completely outdated. Why should people in Ohio or Florida have any more say than I do in New York? The winner should win by majority vote, not state votes. We are all citizens of this great Country and our votes should count equally otherwise its not really a democracy, is it?

Cap the amount of money that can be spent in elections. Pick a number, keep it low, have that be the amount people can spend, period. Rich people, or surrogates of rich people should have no advantage whatsoever. Also, they wont owe anyone anything.

Make voting easier. I feel like I constantly say this. People can  pay their taxes online we need to figure out a fool proof way of having people vote digitally. Whether it be on their smartphones, public libraries, digital voting booths. We want each and every person to vote so why not use technology to make it happen.

I think the summation of the despicable mess we are in could be helped by the steps I have outlined. Lets take our Country back and get back to work!



3 thoughts on “Politics in the United States of America

  1. I love the idea of voting digitally. In Australia voting is compulsory if you are over 18yrs and the queues are terrible …. digitally would be fantastic!

  2. I agree – to a point. Presidents term to 5 years. The House 4 years. The Senate 8 Years (1/2 elected every four years). I also think the term limit for the President should be 3 not 2. And that members of the House must retire at the age of 80 and the Senate at the age of 85. But this of course can change since life expectancy will increase.

    1. Hey Scott, thanks for checking out my blog! The numbers I was using werent meant to be taken literally they were more of a starting point of a conversation; they lengths of terms should be changed. The way it is now the day after the presidential elections everyone will start to focus on 2014 and 2016 elections. We need long term planning and thinking. And, the last year of the POTUS term should not be spent fundraising!

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