“I Spend My Nights With My Family” Part of Obama’s Failure

Man, listening to Bill Clinton the other night was such a treat. He is exciting, uplifting, can explain whats going on. He is a brilliant communicator; thats been missed in DC for a long time now. I think Bill had many motivations for giving that speech, setting up Hillary for 2016, enriching his legacy, and maybe even to get Barack Obama reelected. Hats off to you Bill you brought the house down!

I was watching a recent interview with Obama where off handedly he mentioned when he is in town he likes to have dinner on the table at 6:30 and then spend the night with his family, helping with home work, watching movies. Trying to live a normal life. It took a few days but when I thought about that statement again I realized this kind of strategy is one of the main failures of his presidency. He even said in the interview something about other politicians, maybe even Bill Clinton, would spend evenings on the phone with people from Congress. Obama has no relationships in Congress, this is detrimental in politics. I have had a long and successful career in high end sales; I know from experience that you must develop relationships with your clients, nurture them, get them to trust you so you can be successful in not just bringing in revenue but also developing a relationship of mutual trust and respect. Obama has never done this. In his own words he said he would rather spend time checking the girls homework. Thats not the way life works. I am not saying that the GOP has no blame here, I’d say their share of the blame is 80% but I truly believe Obama could have done more, gotten more accomplished and lessened the venomous discourse in Washington if he had spent more time cultivating relationships. These relationships are what gets bills passed, what makes progress in our Country.

Today I am particularly furious with Obama because of another dismal jobs report. 96,000 jobs added is beyond horrible. The unemployment rate went down only because people have dropped out of the labor force, they have given up. What happens to those people? Today’s report also said there has been no decrease in the number of unemployed people in over a year. Thats completely unacceptable. I havent heard him mention getting the longterm unemployed back to work in months. One year ago he submitted a jobs plan, that was known at the time would not pass; a political stunt. It didnt pass and now the GOP and POTUS can point fingers at each other over who is to blame. And Barack Obama has done nothing in the past year for the benefit of the unemployed. I find this outrageous. Yes the GOP is blocking his every move, but there is more that he can do. If he had cultivated relationships earlier on he might have more support. As I have suggested month after month on this blog, if he called an emergency summit of bipartisan leaders and not let anyone leave until they came up with immediate plans.

9/11 was a catastrophe and game changing event here in America. What did George Bush do? He rearranged the government, used full force, put one hundred percent effort into keeping this Country safe. The financial collapse and the economic outcome was no less of a crisis than 9/11 was. Where was Barack Obama? He thought that one stimulus would fix everything? He have a jobs Czar. This is a growing national crisis, especially with the economy slowing once again. Obama could have called W. in for help in getting buy in from GOP. At the end of the day it comes down to Obama taking the fall for a bad economy. Btw, I am not saying he should spend no time with his family. My father was a success doctor when I was growing up and sometimes his beeper would go off and he wouldn’t be able to attend a planned event, teach me how to drive, or be at a birthday party. Thats the way it goes; because he was there at other times. Obama could do a better balance. So, one year has passed and Obama has done nothing for job growth; I believe thats because he is more interested in keeping his job than helping others get back to work. What a disappointment. The one thing he has going for him is that  Romney would make the situation much worse.


2 thoughts on ““I Spend My Nights With My Family” Part of Obama’s Failure

  1. Good points.
    We may not agree on the exact solution but I do agree there has been a lack of leadership. I question Obama’s understanding of basic economics. I think Obama truly believed that stimulating local government and the unions would result in economic growth. But that is the tail wagging the dog. We live in a global economy and jobs and opportunity will flow to the place most conducive for business success. Governments across the globe can increase barriers (taxes, regulations) or reduced them and opportunity will follow or flee. Consider the wealth that has flowed away from France after the socialist declared an all-out war on the very successful.

    I support creating a business environment that will attract manufacturing, IT innovation, services and energy production. I trained my HP replacement in Costa Rica and this is my first week on unemployment. I blame Obamacare for increasing the cost of keeping an American so my job flowed to Costa Rica. We need to create a simple reasonable low tax structure paired with eliminating business loop-hole deductions.

    The result will be an increase in business opportunity in America and a recovery in jobs for all and especially the middle class.

    1. I think you missed the point of my piece: which was if Obama had better relationships he could have gotten a lot more done. In the emergency meetings I am talking about his calling I would much rather have top notch professional economists who know far more than you or I do about creating a positive business climate. Same goes for tax deductions, loopholes and rates.

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