What’s It Going to Take, World War 3?

A revised version of our GDP was released this morning and it was much weaker than it had been predicted. The actual growth was 1.3%. This is an unacceptable number; at this rate it would probably take 20 years to get back to full employment. 1.3% is so close to zero and so close to negative territory its very scary. The question is why. Why is our growth so low? Is it because of Obama’s policies, world economics, fear of the fiscal cliff, the elections? Every day that goes by with this bad economy someone else loses their job, someone else stops looking for work because they are too discouraged. I was sending out resumes yesterday and I noticed so many of the job listings had be on the websites for over 30 days. When a job is listed that long either companies arent really looking to hire or they are so picky applying to them is a waste of time. I also received my weekly email from Linked In with jobs I might be interested in. Each week they are the same jobs; and I have applied for all of them. On twitter many people have told me about the same experiences. Its extremely frustrating for a job seeker and I can see why many just stop looking. Which brings me back to my question of why are we in this place? I have said in the past on these pages that the jobs crisis is just as devastating as 9/11 yet nothing is being done about it. No commissions, no studies, no endless meetings. Can dysfunction in Washington really be causing all of this?

I see no solution offered from Obama;  I dont think he has lifted a finger to help the long term unemployed since September 2011. Thats outrageous since we are talking about the lives of millions and millions of families. The only reason I am supporting Obama is because Mitt Romney would be worse in my opinion. Back to the slow growth, the high unemployment rate and the people dropping out of the workforce in record numbers. Whats going to happen to these people. What happens when they run out of money, when they cant borrow from friends or relatives. Is the United States of America going to become a war zone where people get robbed for food? Supermarkets getting held up at gun point so people can feed their families?

And the news gets worse. The fiscal cliff coming Jan 1, 2013 is so dangerous that Tim Geithner has said it would be more calamitous than the 1920s/30s. And what are our elected official doing about it? Nothing. I would like to take a lot of the ideas I have discussed on here to fruition. Its frustrating seeing all of this go on around me and not be able to fix it. There is so much wrong in the world and in the US its a shame we cant come together for a solution. Maybe we will get out of this depression the same way we got out of the last one. Another World War; Israel bombing Iran, US getting involved, Russia.


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