Please Help Our Veterans

Please help vets, they dont get the medical attention they need; the reimbursements; help finding work; help living with injuries they received on the battlefield. They have stood up for us so its time to stand up for them.

Here’s what you can do:

Write to your Senator or Rep tell them how important this issue is and how it needs to be addressed immediately.

You can contact and donate to: Wounded Warriors, USO, and for still serving DAV & VFW

You can buy a wounded vets book: Common Sense: How to Restore America – most of the proceeds are donated. The hero who wrote it is also on twitter, you can ask for other suggestions or just say Thank you to him.  @CraigBowden2020


One thought on “Please Help Our Veterans

  1. Many of them are also part of the 47% that Mitt also considers to be moochers because they don’t pay enough taxes (or have “skin in the game” to use the GOP’s expression du jour.)

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