Political Lies — Worse than Watergate

Most Sundays I record all of the Sunday Political Shows and then watch them during the day. What I found yesterday was extremely disturbing. Both campaigns had their surrogates out in full force; not one of them could answer a question, give a detail. It was like watching a shell game at a carnival, with the dodging that was going on, the lack of follow up from the interviewers. I believe our system is completely broken, from top to bottom and everywhere in between.

I started with Meet the Press, David Gregory gives a horrible interview, he seems much more into making a headline than he does getting answers out of his guests. He interviewed Chris Christie. Christie dodged every question, turned every question around to “why arent you asking the president this” to everything will change after the debate. It was infuriating to watch because Gregory allowed him to dodge every question. Next came on David Plouffe, Obama advisor, he also dodged every question. When asked how a 2nd term of Obama would look he answered that Mitt Romney was unqualified. The same duo was on a few more of the shows; with the same lack of information, the same pointing fingers to the other sides deficits. There was a new piece of misinformation yesterday coming from the Romney camp; they claim they never said wealthy people would receive any tax cuts. Even though their proposal is for 20% tax cuts for everyone; they claim the wealthy will have fewer loop holes so they wouldnt be paying less. This of course, is not true at all. And of course they wouldnt say which loop holes would be closed. One of the most egregious interviews was Paul Ryan on Fox News. Chris Wallace did push Ryan on the numbers, because they dont add up; after dodging for 2 or 3 questions Ryan finally said it would take too long to describe the math. Ryan also went on to say the wealthy would not be receiving any tax relief at all because after all everyone should pay their fair share. Did Wallace ask if everyone should pay their fair share for health insurance too? No, he let that slide. Wallace let just about everything slide with  Ryan. No details on how their 20% tax cut would immediately create 7 million jobs. You have to wonder if they just make up these numbers. No new details on Medicare. Actually just as bad as Paul Ryan was David Axelrod on Candy Crowley’s CNN program. I like Candy, she gives a good thorough interview. She kept asking over and over again how Obama plans to create more jobs and  what his second term would include. Axelrod slithered out of answering every time; it was pathetic to watch. He had no answers.

The truth of the matter is that we have nothing to go on from either campaign. Romney and Ryan have made big promises; creating 12 million jobs, 20% tax cuts, reinvigorated economy. Not one detail on how they would do that. Not one. There only line is that Mitt is a business man and has done  so outstandingly well in business he is qualified to be president. Yes Mitt has done well, but many many people have done better. Mitt isnt even on the Fortune 400 list. Obama on the other hand also has nothing to say, no new ideas, no longterm vision. He cant answer why he would be able to create more jobs in his second term or grow GDP. Nope, no answers. None. Also, no vision for what he would like to do, no specifics. Just a whole lot of generalities. To me this is completely unacceptable from both campaigns. Its unacceptable the media isnt better prepared to ask tougher questions and call the candidates out. On one of the shows a Romney surrogate said history shows us tax cuts have always led to a thriving economy. What kind of bullshit is that; how the interviewer couldnt ask what about the George W. Bush tax cuts, how they created no new net jobs, and how they are one of the biggest parts of our debt. How does a statement like that go unchallenged. Its astonishing to me.

The fact of the matter is that I think Barack Obama has been a horrible president; as I have said on here many times, he should be doing more, creating more jobs, helping the long term unemployed get work. I do believe Mitt Romney would be far worse; he has had so many opinions on so many subjects, sometimes changing opinions on the same day, he cannot be trusted to be president. He is not strong enough to stand up to the tea party; he would be a farce on the worlds stage. Obama is the only way to go; he must win and I urge everyone to vote for him.

Although, deep down, I wish Hillary challenged Obama in the primaries and was the Dem candidate now. I think she would be a fantastic candidate, unlike the two we have now.


10 thoughts on “Political Lies — Worse than Watergate

  1. Horrible president ? That is an extreme comment. What else could Obama have done to create more jobs and help unemployment? How do you feel Hillary would have done a much better job? You don’t think Congress has a major role in your negative opinion of Obama?

    1. I do think he has been a horrible president; congress and the GOP have played a huge role with obstructionism that is very true. Obama, however has not done one thing in over a year to help create jobs. He submitted a bill that he knew would not pass the house and has done absolutely nothing since Sept 2011. Obama said it himself, he doesnt cultivate relationships with people in Washington, people on the other side of the isle. The Clintons do that brilliantly. Thats how you get people to agree to bills. Our unemployment situation is a crisis of similar magnitude to 9/11; but Obama has not treated it that way. He hasnt shown any leadership in creating jobs. Like I said he submitted that bill over 1 year ago and now talks about it on the campaign trail. He has been a complete disappointment.

      1. Thanks for your reply Andrew. I respectfully disagree. The other side of the aisle stated they have no intention of doing anything to try to work with this President. They vowed to take him down from day 1. Now they say if he gets a second term they would be willing to work with his ideas, well why is that? 2016, they have no choice ? I hope Hillary does run and win in 2016, but although while I do not think Obama has a perfect record, nor is he the Messiah, I believe he has done a lot of wonderful things and a second term is definitely needed and much more can be done without the obstruction if the GOP keeps the House or not. I do believe if Hillary won 2008, the Tea Party would not have won 2010 just because there is a huge difference between Obama and Hillary which I think you can read between the lines on. You gotta give him some credit here. There are a lot of accomplishments.

  2. I agree Andrew. The News needs to press candidates for real answers and Obama should have went hard on Jobs & penalties against foreign product dumping in the US. Then push the ACA second.

    1. Actually its not that simple; Obama has not lifted a finger to do anything for the unemployed since Sept 2011; thats unacceptable when there is a jobs crisis going on. Yes, he is being blocked, that doesnt mean he should give up on 25 million Americans. Its only as simple as you say if you are not one of the ones that cant find work.

  3. Totally agree on everything, including that the worst of the two evils is Romney, so I won’t be voting for him.

    I honestly don’t believe it really matters who becomes president because ultimately the President is just a puppet for those who control things behind the scenes IMHO.

    Great article Andrew!


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