Redistribution of Wealth — Food Stamps

If you hear people in the GOP talk they say Obama is out to redistribute wealth in this country, they talk about how he has increased the number of people of food stamps and government aid to all time highs. They make it sound like Obama’s goal is to have people dependent on the government and basically have a welfare state where money gets taken from the rich and given to the poor. They make it seem like people want to live on food stamps, want to be out of work, want to be dependent on anyone other than themselves.    Well, I cant speak for Barack Obama but I can tell you my take on all of this.  The economy is in horrible condition, jobs are being created at a dismal rate, many people are suffering. Yes I am sure there are some people who want to collect free government money and not work, or have side jobs and also want to collect money from the government. I think these cases are few and far between. The exception to the rule. Our economy is currently so bad that people are having horrific trouble finding a job. I believe most people do want to work, they want to have a place to go every day, have a sense of purpose, and be able to support themselves and or their families. The problem is many people cant find work. I know this from first hand experience. I have been out of work for 2.5 years, I have been on many interviews, phone interviews etc. I have exceeded my 99 weeks so I get no assistance from the government but I know what its like out there. People cant find jobs. Good honest hard working people are fresh out of luck. I dont think many people want a free ride; if you know what unemployment insurance pays its not enough to make ends meet. No one wants to be in the position of needing a hand out from the government. I think to suggest otherwise is to be callous, uneducated and out of touch.

As far as the redistribution of wealth, that is something I completely disagree with. Successful people should not have their money taken away, they should have it for their enjoyment and security. I do believe in a fair tax code; the more you make the more you pay in taxes. I dont think thats redistribution of wealth, I think thats a fair way of collecting taxes. I dont think most people who are fortunate enough to earn $500,000 or $1m+ would disagree with me. Even Ronald Reagan held this belief, that people of different incomes should pay different tax brackets. The thought of having everyone pay the same tax rate is, in my opinion, ludicrous. Right now our country has tremendous challenges and it will take a lot to get us out of this. Unfortunately just having people who earn over $250,000 pay higher taxes wont do much of anything. A complete tax overhaul is needed. We do need to pay down the tremendous $16T debt we have. But before we do that most economists say we need to get the economy going again. Get people back to work. The biggest threat right now is not the debt, its the unprecedented numbers of unemployed, and the length of their unemployment and the nominal GDP.

What we need now is a clear leader; get people back to work and grow the economy. I have not heard a plan from either candidate which actually does this, but thats what we need. People dont want to be unemployed, they dont want to be on food stamps. Its more than just money at stake; its peoples lives their self respect their future. We need to do whatever it takes as a country to get everyone back to work, pull out all stops so people can have jobs. This doesnt include wealth redistribution it needs a working government that can have the American people as their top priority. The lack of government cohesion, especially on the GOP side is unacceptable. We need everyone on the same page to dig us out of this mess. Rather than just blaming Obama, which is not a fair thing to do since he only controls one branch of government, we need help, the country is at stake while the politicians posture and try to get power. We as the people should not allow this, we should demand more from everyone in government. Vote out the people who are obstructing our future; vote in people who want to help fix the problems.


3 thoughts on “Redistribution of Wealth — Food Stamps

  1. Good words Andrew. I recently have taken a job with a local workforce agency. My job is to help individuals receiving SSI or SSDI find employment and reduce or eliminate their depence on disability. You know I was out of work for about 20 months. What I see every day is hundreds of people who want a job – not a handout or a substitute for a job – they want to work. The GOP saying people like receiving food stamps or unemployment of TANF have never actually spoken to someone who is receiving benefits. Yes, it helps them get by but barely.
    Keep up the good words my friend.

    1. Hi Lee, thanks so much for responding; thats great you found a job and that its a job that helps others! Its such a shame; like we both said, people want to work. Your comments were excellent, thanks for adding your voice!

  2. Very true Andrew, however I think passing the Bush era tax cuts as Obama has them with people making under $250,000 paying less is at least a start. Over burdening the middle class would only stagnate the economy further. If Congress would get back to work and temporarily allow the USPS to stop pre-funding its pension plan, this would at least hedge the interest accruing on our National debt. I also hope environmental groups would work with the Government to ease regulations to increase public works jobs. People make money and spend money, thus creating jobs at both of ends of the chain. Growing the economy from the middle out.

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