Ellen Kushman 1960 – 2012

Richard Nixon signs the National Cancer Act of 1971

Thus began the ‘war on cancer’ – the signing of the bill was intended to ramp up research to eradicate cancer as a disease. Some 40 years later it seems the progress has been minimal at best.  Today we are going to a friends funeral, a lovely lovely woman, energetic, full of life; until 2 years ago when she was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma. She had many ups and downs over the 2 years; excruciatingly painful treatment; the treatment is actually what killed her. She died late last week. A woman of 53, dead because we have no cure.

Today I want to honor her, Ellen Kushman. I don’t want to be tweeting gotcha lines, inside the beltway predictions, stories on social issues. I’d like us all to take a step back today and think about what life would be like if cancer wasnt in it. If we all stopped fighting, spending obscene amounts of money and put all that energy into curing cancer. @GinsburgJobs, @AndrewSGinsburg and #AndrewSGinsburg will be black today in honor of Ellen. Our thoughts are with you Ellen and you will always be missed.


3 thoughts on “Ellen Kushman 1960 – 2012

  1. Very nice post Andrew. Again I am sorry for the loss of Ellen and the pain you and her family feel. I know this all to well. May you celebrate her life today.

  2. Life will never be the same with out her. Ellen was a one of a kind and She and Randy are one of the reasons we stayed in her beloved New York City. Our lives are so much richer and fuller for having met her. We will forever remember our Ellen.

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