Are We Too Far Gone ** Does It Matter What We Want

I have been writing this blog for many months now; it started out as the struggles of unemployment and naturally progressed to politics and current events. My blog contains hundreds of suggestions for improving the jobs situation, the government and other things that would help our lives. The question is, is anyone listening? Does anyone, who has the power to change things, care?  Is it true that our government is bought and paid for by big business, big oil, big whatever? Does it matter who wins the presidential race because he wont really make any changes.

The first thing that comes to mind is oil; I remember being very young and having long lines at gas stations; I remember only cars with a certain kind of license plate could fill up their cars. This was around 1974. Then their was another oil shock at the end of the 70s which increased prices. The prices plummeted in the 80s and 90s; but then came 9/11. When would it occur to the United States that we could no longer be reliant on oil from the Middle East? When would we realize it is our money that the terrorists use to attack us and bring down the World Trade Center. Why either in the 1970s or 2001 wasn’t there a ‘Manhattan’ type project where the government went all out to eliminate oil completely from our country? The problem with alternative energy is that its very expensive. The government should pick up the tab so that every house has a solar panel, every source of wind is utilized. Yes this might have been a tremendous cost but the end result would be that we could stop sending money to the Middle East. Iran wouldnt be a problem. Its us that finances them. The only reason I can possibly think of is that ‘big oil’ makes so many donations that no president will cross them. How pathetic is that, the President of the United States of America cant stand up to oil companies.

Take it down a level to people in Congress, they all have people backing them too that they cant cross. The Corn Subsidies, Farm Subsidies, others that make large donations. These politicians are puppets for the companies that make donations. They dont have our interests in mind, they have their own jobs and perks in mind. Is our government so corrupt that its too late to make any changes?  We are not the country we think we are. With so many on the take, so many not looking out for the good of the American people. Its a disgrace. What has happened to our politicians, why do they no longer sit at the same table and say lets figure this out. We have just come through a devastating financial calamity, even what the collapse of our financial system both parties act like children and wont come together to create solutions. 25 million people are out of work and they are completely ignored. And we are supposed to be the example of democracy to the world? Our system has totally broken down.

What to do about it is the issue. Could a serious 3rd party ever take hold here? If so I want to be in charge of it. I have a belief that is pretty simple and straight forward. I think that 90% of the people in the US want the same things. Getting a group/government together to make those things happen really shouldnt be that difficult since, like I said, the overwhelming majority of people want the same things. A job they can go to that can support their family; safe cites, safe streets, a growing economy, and to be able to live their lives as they please. We all have the same goal; lets get new people to reach the goal.


2 thoughts on “Are We Too Far Gone ** Does It Matter What We Want

  1. They did a study in Delaware that showed putting solar panels on new houses during construction would only cost 10% of the cost of adding them after construction. It can cost up to $20,000 to add on after a house is built. So that means it’ll only cost $2,000 during construction. A cost that can comfortably be built into a mortgage. And the politicians refused to pass legislation to require developers to do so.

  2. Bravo Andrew ~ Another good post. I do believe however that the President can NOT do all he wishes ~ You are so correct and on point about our ” Politicians” having their best interest $$$ at heart. Like the old saying goes ” Money talks and bullshi! walks”

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