Abortion And Other Taboo Subjects

Abortion is such a toxic subject and gets people so upset its hardly ever talked about in real life. Just the campaigns. I knew this but think I forgot, that Ronald Reagan was the first Republican who made the anti abortion stance a must on the ticket. At the time George H. W. Bush was pro choice, he had to change his philosophy to run as Reagan’s VP. But stop there, can you even imagine Republicans not being so adamant about abortion? I cant even imagine that scenario now. Now like I said abortion is a litmus test, GOP has to be adamantly against it; Dems must be for it unconditionally.  Abortion is said to be the killing of a human being or the life choice of a woman’s control over her body.

I am a very logical person, the way I look at issues or decisions is always based on practical knowledge and facts. With abortion the fact of the matter is no matter what the law says women, couples, will continue to have abortions. If they were made illegal you would go back to a time of  ‘back alley abortions’ where women needlessly died because of botched abortions. Thats my logical side; people will always have them so why not make sure they have the safest ones possible. I can also see the other side. I can see how people would think that that is a life inside the womb and by removing it you are essentially killing what could become a human being. I do understand that and respect people who have that belief. I think where we run into problems is when we try to dictate the behaviors of others. When someone who is pro-life insists that people who are pro-choice no longer have that choice. And, with all the trouble going on in the world, why on earth are we still talking about this and with such vitriol.

More from my logical side, I saw a recently published study that said free birth control lowers the rate of abortion. I believe strongly in sex education in the schools, to teach young people how to protect themselves from diseases and also from getting pregnant. The pro-lifers are adamantly against this. They think teaching kids about safe and responsible sex is encouraging them to have sex. To me thats such bullshit; like kids arent going to explore on their own? Teach them, give them free contraception; these 2 simple things would cut down the abortion rate tremendously. The fact people cant see that blows my mind. But, here is where religion comes in.

I have received many tweets from people who say to me that anti gay groups are just practicing their religious beliefs and they shouldnt be penalized for that. These same people are the ones who are committing adultery, getting divorced, and all of the other things that their religion says are sins. But those sins are ok. Being gay isn’t. Premarital sex isn’t. Until 1978 the Mormon Church believed that black people were subhuman and unable to participate in their church. Should those religious beliefs been able to be lived out, as freedom of religion? I dont care what anyone believes about religion; it should have nothing to do with every day life or our laws.

On the abortion issue, start with education and free contraception, and see how much the abortion rate goes down. I dont think anyone wants to have an abortion, but I think women should have the right to choose whats right for them. Its interesting how the ultra conservative right wing who believes in  less government in our lives, wants the government to decide who can have an abortion and who can marry whom.  Under no conditions should a woman ever not have her choice taken away from her. People who want to live out their religious beliefs can only do that if it doesnt infringe on the rights of others. Religious groups that are extremely anti gay are hate groups, period. People who want to stop abortion should re read what I wrote, that would reduce it tremendously.

Again, as a posting I wrote the other day, the time, the money, the man power thats wasted on these issues is mind boggling. Stop hating and use that time and energy and money for those who are in need of a job, food, shelter. Focus on the right things.


2 thoughts on “Abortion And Other Taboo Subjects

  1. There are so many people think the same way that it is surprising that this is still an issue. Making something illegal isn’t going to stop it, no matter what it is. It’s just going to make the extenuating circumstances worse. And to the people who say abortion, birth control, and the like are infringing on their rights, I would like to know how? I have asked many people this question and have yet to get a plausible answer. Who is stopping you from practicing your beliefs and how? The only people who are suppressing rights are those who claim to be suppressed.

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