Why Mitt Romney Must Lose

Now that we are getting to the final stretch of the election I am guessing that everyone has election coverage fatigue, I know I do. I am sick of hearing the same talking points from each side over and over; and the same non informative or educated questions asked by the media. However, now is the time to plan your election day. Decide now what time you want to go to the polls, check around your neighborhood, friends, relatives, see if anyone needs help getting to the voting booths. Encourage your friends, kids, parents everyone to exercise their right to vote. Mitt Romney must lose this election, there is no question in my mind about it. The best way for him to lose is for everyone to show up and vote for Barack Obama. I have gone over many times my disappointment with Obama, but Romney would be a complete disaster for this country. Here are a few reasons.

  • The Supreme Court – already this arm of government is far too political, when their job is to be apolitical. The types of people Romney would appoint would make the court far more radical right wing. We need to look forward and stop fighting the battles of the past; abortion rights are settled law for over 40 years; stop fighting it. Appointees by Romney would bring the court back in time, infringe on people’s civil right. Supreme Court appointees is reason enough to not vote for Romney. He could appoint Michelle Bachman.
  • Romney’s tax plan doesnt add up; he talks about $5 Trillion dollars of tax cuts, adding $2T to the military budget and says closing tax loopholes will make this revenue neutral. Every economist who has looked at this plan says there is absolutely no way it could work, it will add to the deficit and debt.
  • All of Romney’s current advisors are from the George W. Bush administration. The neocons, the tax cutters, the deregulators. All the people who brought us to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Romney is not strong enough to stand up to them, we could go to war with Iran which has tremendous implications, ones I think could lead to WW3. As far as job creation goes Bush was one of the few, or the only, president in history to leave office with net zero job growth. Thats ZERO; Obama has already created more jobs.
  • Romney will bring us back in time on civil issues, he has proposed reinstating Dont Ask Dont Tell; he is against gay rights and Marriage Equality. These are issues the majority of the American public now supports, equal rights for gay people. Romney would try to eliminate that.
  • I see Romney as a man without a soul; a man who will say anything at any time to be elected. He did it in Massachusetts, told the voters there he was pro choice, would be more gay friendly than Ted Kennedy; he told them whatever they wanted to hear. Now he is doing the same, he has changed his opinions so many times, even in the same day, I cannot take him seriously. Even George W. Bush was a man who did what he thought was right. Romney is a man who morphs into whomever is in front of him at the time. Thats not what we need as a president.

Mitt Romney must lose this election; make sure you vote so our Country can move forward.


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