What If We Really Could Overhaul Our Government and Remove Corruption?

You hear about it all the time, about how this politician wont vote for that bill because he is indebted to a lobbying group; or how politicians end up working for lobbying firms that make them extremely rich. What if we could change all that, and not as some far fetched fantasy, but as a distinct reality. Currently it seems as if our Government is broken, the Congress is in complete stalemate, the president isnt paying attention to unemployment and his rival out and out lies, depending on the hour of the day. In the end no one is getting served well by the government as the American people are still suffering; unemployed or worrying about being unemployed. And our Government is no where to be found.

The kind of changes I am talking about would have to come from someone with deep deep pockets, like Bill Gates; but someone who wanted to fix the American Government. We need someone with a few billion dollars to help take on this initiative, Michael Bloomberg perhaps. We should have every level of Government looked into by a non-grovernmental entity. Starting at the top with the president. How are campaigns financed, who is actually giving the money to these candidates, what kind of quid pro quo is there going on. Investigate each and every member of Congress, how are they voting, who are they indebted to.What kind of decisions are being made. This entity I am describing could almost be like a third party in American politics or it could be some kind of referee. What I am proposing is a complete audit of the United States Government. A non partisan group that could help the American people make better informed decisions. Each and every aspect of Government should be analyzed and graded for efficiency. If you do have a GOP block on everything the Democrats and president want to do that should be known to everyone. People should know that Obama wanted to do more but was blocked on day one. This entity would have enough financing for deep investigation as well as a complete report to the public. The GOP wasnt the first to use the filibuster; but they have used it more than any Congress in history.

I’d like to see ratings, ratings the public can see. How often does xxx in the House or Senate vote in your interests, in the interests of large donors, or down a party line vote. That way the public knows more and can vote with more knowledge. I’d also like to see this entity make recommendations; for instance has Obama been running the Country or campaigning more, which is it, we cant afford to have a Country thats not properly run. What I am talking about is true for the GOP and the Dems. I want to see a rating on each member of Congress, who supported their elections, how many times they voted for their donors. If our Government is as corrupt as I’ve heard having all of this information out there in the open for everyone to see would be of huge benefit to our Country. Its my long held belief that most of us want the same things, a thriving economy, good paying jobs, to be left alone to live our lives as we please, a strong national security base, getting rid of our debt. The problem we have is in how to get there. But we arent going to get there with corrupt people in office who have their interests ahead of yours or the Country’s.

I would so love to run this entity, examining and analyzing what goes on in our Government; and make a list of recommendations for changing our Government to better serve the people. The fierce fighting thats going on now is a waste of time, we should be using that time money and energy to come together for the betterment of our lives. I’d love to be the one that publishes each and every member of Congress’s voting record, who financially backed the president and how his policies are towards those backers. I’d like to be able to take money completely out of all politics, which could be done if people clearly saw what contributions actually mean: buying of votes.

A few changes I would make right off the bat are:

  • Changing the presidents term to 6 years so he has more time to govern before trying to be reelected
  • Having the House have 6 year terms, constant campaign mode is not good for anyone
  • Lose the electoral college and have a popular vote; people in Ohio shouldnt be deciding the election
  • Change the order of the primaries every election cycle. Have a lottery, whatever state wins comes up first, then second, third and fourth. The system is rigged now, people are already in Iowa and NH for 2016; why should those states have anymore say than any other states?

The purpose of all of this is so we all get more from our government, to show whats really going on behind the scenes so we can make positive changes that benefit all. We will need a lot of backing and time to undertake this monumental task but I am up for it. Those great philanthropists like Bill Gates, I need one of you here that can spare a billion or 2 to pull the skeletons out of the closet and make the government work for the people, as it says in the Constitution.


3 thoughts on “What If We Really Could Overhaul Our Government and Remove Corruption?

  1. Very good Andrew! I would like to see PAC’s SUPER PAC’s and special interest groups monitored closely as well as lobbyists. In fact outlaw SUPER PAC’s. It is inconceivable that politicians will only listen to the voters through lobbyists! Cspan used to list voting records until they found out voters actually watched, then they stopped that immediately. I will disagree with you on 6 year terms for POTUS. I don’t like giving anyone that kind of power. I would however like to see the election period go back to its original start date or even shorten it more. At the same time we need to set a monetary limit on donations to parties and candidates. Primaries should be local events only, for local elections. Candidates should have as many debates as they like but only public debates, no broadcast debates at all. Candidates should be required to attend 3 question and answer forums to be broadcast Nationally, with pertinent questions assembled by qualified political and economic analysts with no influence what so ever from Parties and they must be held to a tangible answer. So keep me in mind when you get the ball rolling.

    1. Thanks Bill for reading and I enjoy your opinions as well. I agree with most every you have said; the reason I said 6 years for POTUS is because they start the reelection campaigns too soon, but what u said about limiting the election cycle could accomplish the same things. We need an impartial billionaire to fund this; but I really think it could work. The transparency, having voters more informed, knowing the weight lobbyist and big business really have.

      1. Of course I didn’t say anything about getting rid of the electoral college and go to the popular vote because I agree completely. The electoral college must go without question and now! But one thing I forgot to mention was an oversight committee to monitor the Senate and House for acts of sedition like the GOP have been practicing. You know if your or I did anything to subvert or bring about the down fall of the Government we would be in jail. Elected officials are not above the law.

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