Why NOT to Vote for Romney

As I mentioned yesterday the economy is lackluster, there is a lot of anxiety out there as to financial security. Its easy to think that Obama had 4 years and not much has changed so its time to try someone new. Someone with an excellent business record who might be able to turn things around. Yesterday I outlined my reasons for Obama, make sure to check those out. So, with everything going wrong, the staggering unemployment figures, the number of people in poverty and the barely breaking even GDP why am I saying don’t vote for Mitt Romney? Many many reasons, below are a few:

  • Mitt Romney is a man who projects weakness; weakness in his beliefs, weakness in standing up to his base, weakness in keeping his own opinions. First, his beliefs; he has been on every side of every issue and changes his stances so much it could make your head spin. Early on he is pro choice, pro gay rights, pro gun control. He was pandering then to the voters in Massachusetts; either telling them what they wanted to hear or maybe thats what he thought at the time. Next while getting ready to run for a presidential run in 2008 his views became much more conservative. During the primary he said he was a severe conservative. He said he would eliminate FEMA and have the states take care of it. He said he would have a $5Trillion tax cut. He has reversed his stance on everyone of those issues in the last few weeks. Too many non truths (ie LIES) for me means I cant trust him. If I cant trust him I dont want him as president.
  • He cant stand up to his base. If he cant do that how is he going to stand up to other world leaders. A while back Rush Limbaugh called a college student a slut for going to congress regarding birth control. When asked for comment about this young woman Romney said, I wouldnt have used those words. No standing up to Rush and saying that language is unacceptable when talking about a private citizen. No backbone. Recently many GOP have said outrageous things about legitimate rape, pregnancy,  abortion; where was Romney? No where to be found. No statements until weeks later saying rape is always wrong. This is weakness of character and cowardice. I cant stand the thought of our president being a coward who cant stand up to Rush Limbaugh.
  • Romney’s campaign has been all about pick me, Obama has failed. When pressed Romney came up with an economic job creating plan that includes a 20% tax cut across the board, which independent economists say will cost $5Trillion. When pressed how he will pay for that Romney says he will close loop holes. He wont be specific, he wont tell us which ones. He now claims the wealthy wont have any tax relief at all, a change from his earlier stance. The fact is there arent enough loopholes to close to pay for this tax cut, so he would be ballooning the debt. Also, even more importantly, George W. Bush tried the tax cut theory to stimulate growth; it was a miserable failure. Bush ended his term in office with zero net new jobs. So Romney is proposing to do what Bush did, that lead to the financial meltdown.
  • Romney has out and out lied about the state of the economy. Top level economists have stated over and over that a financial crisis is different than a typical recession. Getting out of a financial crisis takes many many years, and actually looks like what we are going through now. Romney knows this and yet tries to distort the facts saying its Obama’s fault the economy is so bad.

These are just a few examples of why I am against, strongly against, Romney becoming the president. A hollow man with no conviction to state his beliefs and stick by them is not the kind of man to run our country. You cant have one opinion now, another next week, and yet another later in the day. As a citizen I have no idea what he would do as president, none. Romney had many chances to change my mind. Not releasing his tax returns is a good example; if he had released them, told all Americans which tax laws he legally took advantage of and was going to work to close those loop holes, I would have respected that. Instead he just hides from it. I dont see Romney being able to stand up to the radical tea party or the neocons who would love a war in Iran. Romney is the wrong choice.


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