More Reasons to say NO to Mitt

After a grueling election season, I mean for the public not the candidates, today is the day people vote. I really hope we find out tonight who wins because this story is just getting so tired. If you read my other posts you will know where I stand on many issues, candidates and parties. I have a few more observations that are worth noting.

  • First, get out and vote. If you dont vote you are not part of the conversation of moving our country forward.
  • I recently read about the al Qaeda attack on the USS Cole during the elections of 2000. Then Governor Bush said that with  an attack against the United States we should all stand together; an attack against one of us is an attack against all of us. He did not use that attack politically. In sharp contrast Mitt Romney immediately used the Benghazi attack as a political attack against president Obama. This kind of thing really shows a person’s character. Bush looked to bring the country together; Romney wants to break it apart. This shows a severe lack of leadership on Romney’s part too. Very disappointing. A few other examples of Romney’s lack of character and his cowardice:
    • Romney has never once stood up and straightforward said Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen and was born in this country. Romney cant stand up to Trump and the other birthers
    • Romney did not stand up and defend Sandra Fluke from Rush Limbaugh’s attack where he said she was a slut. Mitt’s response: those arent the words I would have chosen. Strong leaders need to stand up and take a position and condemn Rush for attacking an innocent person
    • The abortion issue — so many in the GOP have said unpalatable things about rape, abortion; Mitt Romney has not come out and clearly stated Rape is wrong and condemned the GOP statements. Again, too much of a coward to confront them
  • If Mitt wins it will have a devastating effect on future elections and set a horrible moral example for children. Mitt has lied, pandered and changed his position so many times its hard to keep track. What this says to me in the bigger picture, if he wins, it doesnt matter how much you lie, you can still win.
  • Voter suppression, Voter ID, inaccurate voting booths. This has to be addressed and fixed. We should have no doubt who won our elections. Voter suppression should be a should be a crime punishable by jail time. Voter ID – the government needs to find a way to get every person an ID at no cost to them
  • Big Government, what is Big Government? Cops, teachers, FEMA. This past week is the perfect end to this election. Mitt Romney wants to gut government programs like FEMA. President Obama used our resources to prevent a bad situation to turn into another Katrina.

I personally dont understand why the vote it close. Obama, while by no means perfect, is far superior to Romney in every way possible. Todays message is get out and Vote; and vote blue down the line.


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