2012 Election — Good News For Everyone — And A Warning

Wow, thats what I thought this morning when I turned on my computer and saw all the results, Obama winning a strong electoral college victory; 2 states voting to legalize gay marriage, a first in history. Even pot, 2 states voted to legalize marijuana, one for medicinal reasons one for that and recreation. I was most pleased about Obama winning; if Romney had won the implications could have lasted for generations. Romney reinventing himself by the hour (or what we call lying and pandering) is not the example of who you want as president. More importantly it opens the door for future candidates to outright lie, not answer questions and still be elected. That would be devastating. Also, if president Obama lost I think it would be seen as a defeat for African Americans; I think people would think well, they can win an election but not 2 terms. His winning last night is a victory for that kind of small minded thinking; it shows that black or white you can win or lose. The fact that the American people did not support Romney is key for many other reasons. He offered no strategy, he presented a budget that didnt add up; in general he gave the attitude that he was above the rules. Americans rejected that.

Americans voting for tolerance is a wonderful thing. Up until now any gay rights measures that were on ballots always lost. Yesterday 2 states voted to legalize same-sex marriage. Thats another strike against the GOP with their hateful exclusionary tactics that would prefer gays disappear. As a gay man who is legally married to another man in the state of New York I am very excited by this. Mostly for the younger generations. They can have role models, look and see that marriage and family are options. And most importantly that there is nothing wrong with them for being gay. The pot thing is a kick, it should be legalized, taxed, and regulated. Prisons are over flowing with people who are locked up because of possession of pot. Thats ludicrous.

Today I am proud to be an American and for one of the first times in my life I am optimistic about the American people’s choices and growth.

Make no mistake, now is when the real work begins. We are basically exactly where we were before the elections. If the GOP continues to obstruct everything for the next 4 years nothing will get done. As I have mentioned I think it should be criminal to have one party vote 100% of the time against 100% of the DEMS bills. The GOP has in fact kept the economy weaker than it could have been, kept the unemployment rate higher that it should be, and kept GDP lower than it could have been. This in my book is treason, and I would like this investigated. The big question is, what happens next? Obama won a clear and decisive victory but what is he to do if the GOP keep blocking him? I have a few suggestions for him:

  • Reach out to the GOP today and send a clear message that his top priority is to work with GOP and DEMS to solve the country’s troubles
  • Obama needs to reach out more to the GOP, lunches, dinners. I know he has tried before, but he needs to try again and keep trying until things are passed
  • He should make oval office addresses saying what he wants to accomplish, he should include leadership from the GOP
  • Obama needs to step up to the plate, control the narrative, and show that he is the leader to take us into the future.

Today is a great day for America. Those that won should not gloat those that lost should not pout. I am calling on everyone to come together to tackle our problems.


3 thoughts on “2012 Election — Good News For Everyone — And A Warning

  1. We were most effective when Pres Obama came To us with issues that were being obstructed by the GOP. I would like to see more of that–Invitations to the table; an opportunity to be part of the government process as intended.

      1. I mean, when the GOP obstruction became So egregious, PBO came to the people, spoke with us and asked us to be involved-many follow politics/congress everyday and knew–many simply don’t have the time, so are simply not aware of whats going on–I would personally appreciate our lawmakers, governors, and yes, POTUS ask Us to engage more in the direction of Our government.
        Examples: Debt Crises, payroll tax debacle etc

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