Now Is The Time for the Obama Doctrine

So much going on between the elections just ending, the fiscal cliff looming, the uncertainty of the economy; the staggering number of longterm unemployed people. Now is the time for President Obama to step up and lead. This is something he really has not done as president. He needs to address the American people, talk about the importance of the fiscal cliff, explain it to people who dont know what it is. Then he needs to layout his vision of how to fix it. A clear, transparent plan filled with details so the American public can understand exactly what is going on. Last year we heard many rumors of some grand bargain, we heard it was Boehner’s fault for not being able to corral his caucus to vote for higher taxes. We also heard there was a deal then Obama added another $800 billion. We shouldnt have to hear things second hand. We need to hear directly from Mr. Obama. We need to hear what he would cut, what he wouldnt cut, what his thinking is and sell his plan to the American people.  To act like a true leader.

The GOP has put out some conciliatory messages about wanting to be led, and saying Its Your Time to Lead. I agree. What ever he has in mind he should say it straight out to the country and do some selling of his own. This is an area where Obama failed miserably in his first term. He needed to reach out directly to the people. In the first term he needed to have an ongoing dialogue with the public about how the stimulus was working; he needed to speak directly to the American people about his healthcare plan, explain it and sell it to the people. Instead he stayed quiet and let the GOP paint 2 of his successes into failures. The GOP could not have done that if Obama was explaining things to us. Another huge failure of the first term was no bipartisan outreach. Yes we heard the story that he did an original outreach was rebuffed by the GOP and then never tried again. Thats unacceptable, as POTUS you keep reaching out, you set the tone you make it happen. If he had reached across the isle more more could have gotten done. I am not saying the GOP is blameless, I think their behavior bordered on treason. But Obama has to be that leader, be that communicator to the public; tell the public exactly whats going on.

My recommendations for president Obama to show leadership moving forward include:

  • Reaching out to the GOP; creating a bipartisan panel to make ACA better. Look for ways to reduce costs. Use some GOP ideas. Stop acting like children on a playground. With Obama’s leadership in bringing both sides together more work can get done, better ideas can be shared and we could start to lessen the animosity in Washington.
  • Obama has a lot of cabinet positions open now, I would recommend he fill at least one with a Republican. Again, reach out for consensus. Make sure the GOP feels that their voices are heard and that their ideas are implemented as appropriate.
  • Obama should call for a complete tax overhaul. He should bring in Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan to help with the process. Obama needs to project that he is in charge; all of these things are his ideas and that he is a real leader of the whole country. Not just the DEMS. Obama should set up weekly meetings with the GOP leadership, so issues can be nipped in the bud and not grow into a huge problem.
  • Mr. Obama needs to have a consistent dialogue with the American people. Tell us monthly what he is doing, why he is doing it, what kind of progress we are making. What his vision for the future is, how he is going to implement it. We have a jobs crisis on our hands now and I havent seen Obama do much of anything besides play politics with it. You have a staggering amount of longterm unemployed people; he needs a plan to help fix that. Those longterm unemployed people are discriminated against when applying for jobs; The President of the United States needs to say in front of the world that that will not be tolerated.

Yes, Mr. Obama has been dealt a very difficult hand, and its still difficult. But now is the time to implement all of my suggestions. He is not the cause of partisan war fare but he hasnt helped it either. We all want a strong leader. Now is the time to lead, Mr. President.


9 thoughts on “Now Is The Time for the Obama Doctrine

  1. As I have not been disappointed with you angle at this time of re election . I think your points are simple yet straightforward . You have put thought into shall we transition into being the Leader we know Mr . Obama is . You example with the half down stair rail sets it place how with a good foundation this amazing country can get its feet moving forward . Well Done Andrew

  2. I generally agree, but am not sure Ryan would be helpful because he shows no ability to compromise. And, the problem with Romney would be the number of times he’d change his mind. But…perhaps Bloomberg and/or Christie might be helpful.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting; Ryan and Romney might not have been the best examples; I think Obama needs to bring in prominent members of the GOP into the decision making process; maybe Jeb Bush would be better. Would love to see Bloomberg have a powerful position; like president! lol Anyway the idea is to publicly invite the GOP into the White House to help with decision making; and if the GOP refuses, they can also be publicly seen as not wanting to help the country. Thanks again for reading, feel free to comment on anything, positive or negative!

  3. I completely agree Andrew. How ever I fear the Tea Party has eliminated most if not all of the intelligent intellectual and rational Republicans that have the experience to be effective. Men like Mike Castle are few and far between in Congress these days. Christie has the guts to stand up to the Tea Party but he has also none to use them to suit himself. And will stab you in the back the first chance he gets. That being said, where there is a will, there is a way.

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