What Lessons will the GOP Learn from their 2012 Losses?

Seeing the coverage of the results of the elections the last few weeks has really been astounding. Its like the GOP is in a circular firing squad, turning on each other and especially Mitt Romney. I almost feel badly for the guy because he is getting such a bad rap, its like people are walking over his dead body, and its not even cold yet. Its especially hypocritical when some of the people who are now blaming Mitt were singing his praises just a few days ago.

Some of what I am hearing is good. I heard Chris Christie say that Mitt Romney was completely wrong for saying gifts to minorities was why Romney lost; but more importantly he said what the people want is a government that works for them. A government that gets things done. He is absolutely right, that is what people want. We dont want to hear bickering and fighting and childish behavior, we want the problems of the nation addressed and fixed. For me personally I dont care whose idea it is, if its a good idea it should be used. Whether it be an R idea or a D idea. I have heard other prominent GOP members say the GOP must relook at itself to evolve with the times, to attract more people. And again, to focus on getting their work done. John Boehner has made a few public statements saying he wants to work together with the president to end the fiscal cliff; and that he is waiting for Obama to lead them.

I have also heard talk of finally coming up with a plan on immigration, that would be fantastic. Chris Christie has it right with what he says; people want their government doing the people’s work. I hope this is the lesson the GOP takes from their losses. That what people want is compromise and working together. We are sick of gridlock and zealots who wont compromise. I hope this is the lesson they do not take from their losses; that they werent conservative enough. That would be a disaster.

The GOP needs to learn to be more openminded and more inclusive. They have alienated many minorities, they out in the open about their bigotry towards gay people. The youth of this country really shows where we are headed. They want a leader like Obama who is open to all, and seen as a uniting figure. Obama handily won the youth vote. He also handily (by 28 points I think) won the women’s vote. No one wants to be told what to do with their bodies. Its so ironic; the GOP is supposed to stand for limited government and government not infringing on your rights. But, the GOP wants to dictate who can marry whom and choices a woman makes with her body.

It my hope that the GOP learns the lesson that competence and getting things accomplished is what the people of this country want. We want leaders that know facts, understand science, and keep out of personal business. To me Christie is a man who gets things done, Jeb Bush has an excellent reputation. I would like to see the GOP emerge as a viable alternative to the Democratic party. I would like to have a choice on election day. Lets hope the GOP has learned the correct lessons of their 2012 losses.


4 thoughts on “What Lessons will the GOP Learn from their 2012 Losses?

  1. It’s tragic that the Tea Party has gotten such a strong hold on the GOP. Their current agenda is taken straight from the Tea Party mission statement. The GOP has been hi jacked, and it needs a strong leader to stand up to their tyrannical ways. I have republican friends who are normal rational people, but they are starting to believe the Tea Party rhetoric. Keep blogging Andrew, and spreading the word.

  2. I think there are a great many people on both sides who are truly sick of the unproductive partisanship and obstructionist attitudes, and who would love to see a swing towards tolerance and moderation by all involved. The original idea for our two-party system was that it would provide a means for reasonable discourse and resolving of differences, but when one of the two parties becomes totally out of control and under the sway of extremists who are incapable of compromise the whole system begins to break down. I think Boehner has a chance to be a real heroic figure here, of almost historic proportions, if he is willing to stand up to the extreme factions in his party and be a leader and work cooperatively with the President to resolve the crises we are facing. But whether he has the nerve to actually do it is anyone’s guess.

    1. Good point, but with Boehner he has to convince the extremist non compromising element and thats no easy task; these are the very people that have brought our government to a complete stop the last 2 years.

  3. That previous comment was from helliongoddess! Sorry about that, my finger slipped – still getting used to my first ipad! šŸ˜‰

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