Happy New Year to All

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2013! Thanks to everyone who reads this blog, I appreciate it! Andrew IMGP1988_2


Tea Party Treason and the GOP

IMG_1213Right now we are in the middle of a huge crisis that was completely self inflicted. The ‘fiscal cliff’ that we are about to go over in a matter of days will end all of the Bush Tax cuts; end the payroll tax cut and immediately enact $1 Trillion in budget cuts. If these actions are to take place they would have tremendous impact on this country, especially the middle and lower class. We have known about this for more than 18 months, yet no one has done anything about it. Since it was an election year President Obama didnt have the leadership skills or courage to start discussions sooner, and the GOP as usual is all about obstructionism and ‘no tax cuts.’ So talks were put off until after the election. The root of this fiasco started last year when the GOP threatened to block raising the debt ceiling; something that was always done without hesitation in our Country’s history. The debt ceiling consists of money we already spent, money the Congress already voted on and agreed to spend. The GOP or more precisely the tea party was willing to let the U.S.A. default on its debt for the first time in our history. This alone is astounding. The thought of putting the richest country on earth in the position of default to me is a criminal treasonous act. With all that went on last year, the tea party is solely responsible for the immediate effects of what happened then; first our credit rating was lowered for the first time in American history and the reason for the drop in the credit rating was because the United States of America was seen as not being able to govern itself. Also, GDP slowed, hiring slowed, the economy slowed. More doubt was put into consumers and businesses minds which caused lower spending, less hiring and knowing we’d be right where we are today.

Some say going over the fiscal cliff isnt that big of a deal. The GOP theory is that if they go over the cliff then in January they would be voting for decreasing taxes (for $250,000 and below) not raising taxes this year on those earning over $1 million per year. This is ludicrous, self serving and again I say its criminal. Now we also have the debt ceiling coming due early than anticipated, by the end of the year. We have completely stalled negotiations, and congress not even in session. The House has passed this off to the Senate to figure out. I place the blame for all of this completely on the tea party and their inability to compromise. Its 100% their fault we are in this mess. I think John Boehner has tried in somewhat good faith to negotiate a deal with President Obama, both last year and now; but he has to deal with this block of tea party people that dont understand finances, governance or what the real problem is. Our biggest problem right now is not debt, its unemployment. Unemployment some estimates is as high as a staggering 23%. You have 25 million people who are looking for jobs and cant find them, companies arent hiring, the markets are going up and down. This is all due to unemployment. What the tea party doesnt understand is that once you get more people working, more people will be paying taxes and both the deficit and long term debt will go down. All of our energy should be placed on getting people back to work. Any tax incentives should be for companies to hire people, especially the longterm unemployed who are regularly discriminated against. What the tea party has done yet again has caused even more uncertainty which will  again slow the economy, slow spending, slow hiring, increase layoffs with more unemployment which will cause more pain, suffering to Americans. And it will also bring in less money to the Government which will cause a higher deficit.

I think deliberately causing the U.S. economy to shrink is a treasonous action. These people are working for us and being paid by us and they are held accountable to best represent the American people. The tea party has acted the opposite. I would like to see Obama have the tea party investigated and tried for criminal behavior.

I dont know whats going to happen in the next few days with the fiscal cliff. I do think President Obama should use the 14th Amendment to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling and have the tea party investigated and tried for criminal behavior.

Some Twitter Tips — Better Than What You Read in a Magazine

IMG_3055I remember when I first joined twitter about a year ago I read a bunch of different articles about how to best utilize twitter, what times were the best times to tweet, how many tweets you should do per hour, what subjects your tweets should be about. As usual I read, digested and ignored most of the info that was out there. I did things my way, which have turned out to be pretty successful. I have had people tell me they look forward to my tweets, others will say they look to me to keep them informed. Those compliments mean a lot to me; the thought that something I am doing is helping other people is a really nice feeling; people have also commented similarly on my blog. It blows my mind sometimes when I see people reading this blog from all over the world; literally. Sure, not everyone loves my tweets and I get plenty of trolls who accuse me both of being a crazy left winger or an apologist for the GOP. I think if I am causing a stir on both sides that I am doing something right. Also over the last year I have amassed about 23,000 followers. Thats pretty cool. So, back to the advice, first forget everything else you have heard and read on, these are in no particular order:

  • Your Avatar, or small pic, is important. I recommend everyone having a pic of your face on the Avatar; if you want to be a bit more subtle you can use a profile or something like that. I find talking to people who dont have one (just the orange blob) a bit off putting. I like to know who I am talking to; not your address, but I prefer knowing if I am talking to a man or woman, approx age, location etc. This is where twitter is different from Facebook, twitter has no profile. I am also not a fan of cat or animal pics. Your Avatar is how people will remember you; its much easier to recognize a face than it is to remember people’s @ names. I am visual and remember people most when they have a face pic, wearing a distinctive color. You Avatar is your brand. I also recommend not changing them. I am sure people recognize my pic more than the name @GinsburgJobs.
  • The best time to tweet? There is no answer for that. You are talking about a global audience. One of my followers is from Australia, when I am getting up she is going to bed. So you cant say what is best. I can tell you for me what has worked out best; its mornings. I got the most RT (re tweets) in the mornings, much more so than during the day. Which works for me because as I read the morning news I tweet what I think is important for people to know. So I really am doing it on my time table but its worked out great. It also depends on what you want your twitter account to be about; mine includes current events so whats in the major newspapers websites are things I tweet a lot. Its also ok to tweet the same tweet more than once. I wouldnt do it too much, but remember your audience is global so somethings need RT later in the day. As far as how many tweets per hour; I never count, I just tweet what I think people should know about.
  • My rule about following people is that if someone follows me I will follow them back; if people are rude, arent fact based in conversation and annoy me a few times I will block them. Also, dont ever send out a tweet thanking people for following you if you havent followed them back. To me thats odd. I always unfollow people that do that.  Also, try not to look at the number of followers you have; they will accumulate as you find your voice and others that share your interests. You can follow people who are recommended by twitter.

These are just a few of the many things I have learned with twitter. You do want to create your brand, be seen as a thought leader. When I started I was going to just tweet about unemployment. That got dull and depressing, so I widened my field to politics (which are very related to job creation), the economy, current events. The Andrew Ginsburg Brand is Trust.

Anger Violence Tragedy Motivation *** Sandy Hook

IMG_0450When I heard about yesterday’s shooting, my first reaction was “again?” There is so much chatter going on today on social media, so many opinions being shared back and forth. Some opinions are similar some are polar opposites. I think social media is a good place for people to vent their feelings, their confusion, their anger and sorrow. As usual opinions were expressed from the point of view of the left and the right. The most outrageous comment I have heard was Mike Huckabee saying this happened because we dont have enough God in our lives. Not only is that absolute bullshit its also highly cruel to the people who are suffering through this tragedy.

My thoughts about these mass shootings usually has to do with the person themselves; what motivated them to do this. What in their lives makes a person want to inflict such ugly violence and murder to innocent people, especially children. What brings them to this point? A mental illness; frustration with life. Maybe some people are born predisposed to cause violence and the desire to hurt other people. That concept is foreign to me because I am the exact opposite. If there is something I can do to help someone else I’d gladly try to do it.  So thats my first question, whats the motivation. I am not sure that is a question that can ever be answered. Obviously not by the people who kill themselves; but in older cases like Ted Bundy and Son of Sam I dont particularly trust what kind of answers they give. So we might never know.

The next part is where do people get the weapons to kill; the loaded issue of gun control. I am a person who grew up in New England and has lived in NYC since college. I dont think I have ever seen a gun, aside from one you see cops wearing. I have no interest in guns and never understood why people get so crazy on this issue. Yes, I think its reasonable to be able to protect yourself; so having a gun at home I could see. In this case I believe a weapon was used that was made for use during a war. Guns that shoot out multiple rounds in seconds; sorry I dont know the proper name. A gun like that should be outlawed completely. There is not one reason a citizen would need one of those.  I think gun control laws should be completely rewritten, and be much more closely monitored and tougher laws. I heard others say today that if a teacher was carrying a gun this wouldnt have happened. Again, thats such bullshit. Are we supposed to all walk around armed? People should not be able to carry guns around with them, or into a bar. Seriously, in a bar, where you drink and your judgement is impaired.

People who are pro gun will tell you that the people who want guns will find them, no matter how strict the laws are. I think thats accurate. I think there will always be a black market for things like guns. So then you come back to the question of why change the laws since ‘people kill people, guns don’t.’ This is not an inaccurate statement; it is the individual that has some sort of motivation and will find a weapon to carry out his rampage. That doesnt mean that making guns much harder to obtain wont stop some of these events from happening. It sickens me that our government is too afraid of the NRA and gun lobby to stand up to them to change the laws. Obama said yesterday something way too tepid. Mayor Bloomberg said we should act immediately on this issue. I agree with Bloomberg.  There must be tighter restrictions, better ID checks, waiting periods that could be put in place. Also a much stricter code of how to maintain a gun once you own it.

My heart goes out to all the victims families and loved ones.